Why Recycle? Here are 6 Small Business Benefits

Why recycle? Here are 6 Small Business Benefits Aside from Helping the Environment

Why recycle? If your business isn’t recycling, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits. It’s not just about helping the environment. There are some real, tangible benefits for businesses that recycle all different types of items in the workplace. Here are some reasons why your business should be recycling everything it can.

Why Recycle?

why recycle

Lower Waste Costs

Recycling isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s actually something that can help your business’s bottom line.

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If you recycle things like cans, glass, paper and other materials, that means there’s less going into those waste bins and dumpsters every week. And since your business likely pays some type of waste management fee, you can potentially save on those bills by producing less waste.

If you create a recycling program and track your results to show that you’re producing less waste, you can potentially work with your waste management service to negotiate a lower fee, saving your business money in the long run.

Savings on New Purchases

In some cases, you can also use recycling as a way to save on new purchases. Technology is a great example of this.

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Say you’re looking to purchase some new computers for your team. You could just throw the old ones out and buy new ones at full cost.

But some retailers will actually take back your old computers, smartphones and other tech devices and recycle them in exchange for a small discount when you buy new ones. This helps the environment and saves you money.

You can also sometimes get cost savings when recycling things like batteries, ink cartridges and more. So check with local retailers about recycling programs before just throwing out any of these items.

Grant Opportunities

why recycle

Environmentally conscious businesses often open themselves up to new opportunities through those practices.

Since some non-profits and government agencies provide incentives like grants for businesses that have recycling programs or other eco-friendly practices, recycling could actually help you get some extra funding.

To take advantage of some of these programs, make sure you have an official recycling program in place and track the output, since you’ll likely have to show the impact of your program in any grant application.

Happier Employees

why recycle

With environmental concerns increasing among Americans, there’s a good chance that some of your employees want the ability to recycle at work.

It might seem like a small thing, but along with all of the other potential benefits of recycling, increased employee morale can make a big difference over time for your business.

So instead of making those environmentally conscious individuals go out of their way to recycle, make it easy for them by having designated bins and processes for recycling various materials.

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Similarly, you probably have plenty of clients or customers who care about the environment. So having a recycling program in place can strengthen your reputation with those consumers.

You can call attention to your recycling program on your website, in press materials or even on social media. Or you could simply allow word to spread naturally as people visit your business and notice your environmentally friendly practices.

Environmental Benefits

why recycle

And finally, the environmental benefits of recycling can’t be overstated. Of course, saving money is likely to have more of an immediate impact on your business.

But over time, recycling can help to conserve materials and energy, which can have an impact on bigger markets and potentially even make some of those materials and energy sources more cost effective for your business.

Conservation of ResourcesRecycling reduces the need to extract and produce raw materials, leading to conservation of natural resources like minerals, timber, and water.
Energy SavingsProducing products from recycled materials often requires less energy compared to producing them from raw materials.
Reduction in PollutionRecycling can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions as it often requires less energy, leading to decreased burning of fossil fuels and subsequently, lesser pollution.
Reduction in Landfill WasteDiverting recyclables from the waste stream reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, leading to land conservation and less environmental damage.
Economic Growth in Green IndustriesIncreased recycling can lead to the growth of green industries, providing jobs and promoting sustainable business practices, which in turn might offer cost-effective materials and energy.

Key Takeaways on the Importance of Recycling for Businesses

  • Financial Efficiency: Recycling can lead to lower waste management fees due to reduced waste production. This not only supports sustainability but can also positively influence your business’s bottom line.
  • Cost Savings on New Items: Certain retailers offer trade-in programs, taking back old tech devices for recycling and offering discounts on new purchases. This strategy enables businesses to update their technology while also being environmentally responsible.
  • Unlock Funding Opportunities: Establishing an organized recycling program can make businesses eligible for specific grants. These grants, provided by non-profits or government agencies, incentivize businesses to maintain eco-friendly practices.
  • Boost Employee Morale: Recognizing the increasing environmental concerns of the public, introducing recycling initiatives in the workplace can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction. Happy employees contribute to a positive work environment and increased productivity.
  • Enhanced Business Image: Showcasing your commitment to sustainable practices like recycling can enhance your business’s reputation among eco-conscious customers. This can be a unique selling point, distinguishing your brand in a competitive market.
  • Long-term Environmental Impact: Beyond the immediate business benefits, recycling conserves resources, reduces energy consumption, and supports a sustainable environment. Over time, these eco-friendly practices can lead to larger-scale economic benefits and cost savings.

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  1. Recycling tech when you upgrade can get you some great discounts on your next gen product. Highly recommend it.

  2. Recycling can really lower your costs and can even make you money. It is not just for technology. If you choose to recycle other raw materials, there are people willing to buy these from you if you collect all of your trash to be recycled.

  3. It is comforting to know that this actions will result in various environmental benefits. Conserving energy and materials can only be beneficial for those who choose to recycle. My fiance would like knowing this since he was looking into a cable recycling machine.

  4. I’m grateful to know that recycling will reduce my waste costs for my business. I think I’ll look for a recycling station so that we can get grant opportunities. This way, we’ll be able to save on new purchases as well.

  5. Angela Waterford

    We have some cardboard that needs to be recycled so that we can reduce our waste costs. I think I’ll have my staff take them to a recycling facility so that we can get grant opportunities. Thanks for adding that this will help us save on new purchases, so I hope that we can find a company that will take these off our hands.

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  7. It’s great that you emphasized how recycling can benefit a person’s business. I’ve always wondered if scrap metals like copper from factories get disposed of properly. In my opinion, it would be better if companies would convert them into something useful rather than getting rid of them completely.

  8. I have some spare copper pipes that I don’t know what to do with. It makes sense that having them recycled would be beneficial! I’ll be sure to find a scrap yard that has a good reputation so that I can ensure that the metal is used properly.

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