eRank’s 2023 Survey Reveals Key Trends in Etsy Shopping Preferences

eRank’s 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Survey offers a comprehensive look at the factors that motivate Etsy shoppers in the United States. The survey, featuring responses from 1,000 individuals across a wide age range, provides critical data for Etsy sellers aiming to optimize their shops for increased sales, especially as the holiday season approaches.

The survey’s revelations underscore the necessity for sellers to focus on the quality and presentation of their shop listings, clear and responsive communication, the influence of customer reviews, and the importance of an excellent average star rating. Notably, processing times, free shipping, hassle-free returns, and a personal connection through shop stories play significant roles in consumer decision-making on Etsy.

Key Insights from the Survey Include:

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  • High-Quality Listings: Shoppers place high value on detailed product descriptions and quality listing photos.
  • Communication: Open and effective communication is critical throughout the buying process.
  • Influence of Reviews: Over 90% of respondents are swayed by product reviews.
  • Star Ratings Matter: Buyers are hesitant to engage with shops with low star ratings.
  • Understanding Processing Times: While processing time is a factor, buyers are patient with custom-made treasures.
  • Preference for Free Shipping: Most shoppers favor shops offering free shipping.
  • Importance of Return Policies: A straightforward return policy is crucial, even for custom items.
  • Personal Connection: Shops with a detailed “About Us” section gain more trust.
  • International Buying: Shoppers are open to international purchases but are concerned about shipping costs and times.
  • Etsy for Gifts: A vast majority view Etsy as an ideal place for gift shopping.

Actionable Insights for Etsy Sellers

eRank’s survey goes beyond mere statistics by providing “Recommended Actions” for Etsy sellers tailored to enhance the buyer experience. These guidelines aim to refine sellers’ strategies, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

“Overall, success on Etsy means understanding what is most important to your shoppers and adjusting your brand based on their needs,” states Starla Moore, renowned Etsy coach, and eRank manager. “By polling real Etsy shoppers, eRank is able to provide valuable insight towards that understanding.”

Etsy sellers can explore the full survey findings and recommended actions by visiting eRank’s website at

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