Harvard-Fiverr Report Finds Freelancers Perform 20% of the Work in Organizations

A new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in collaboration with Fiverr Business Solutions, highlights a significant shift in the business workforce dynamic. The report reveals that, on average, freelancers perform 20% of the work within organizations. Yet, it also uncovers a strategic oversight in managing this growing freelance fraction effectively.

While a striking 81% of business leaders recognize the importance of freelancers to their operations, only 38% believe their organizations adeptly manage these flexible workers. This discovery aligns with the launch of Fiverr Business Solutions – comprising Fiverr Enterprise, Fiverr Certified, and Fiverr Pro – designed to enhance medium to enterprise-level companies’ engagement with the burgeoning freelance economy.

Fiverr’s CEO, Micha Kaufman, emphasizes the necessity of a Chief Freelance Officer (CFO) within companies to leverage the full potential of freelancers. This call to action is echoed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services’ managing director, Alex Clemente, who points out the need for structured oversight and processes for hiring and managing freelance talent.

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Key findings of the report include:

  • A notable concern for 49% of leaders is locating freelancers with the right skills.
  • A diverse majority (64%) employ freelancers across varied roles.
  • Looking ahead, 51% anticipate an increase in freelance workforce utilization.

This comprehensive report serves as a critical read for business strategists and HR professionals, offering a guide to navigating the evolving landscape of work.

The full report is accessible at Fiverr’s Harvard Business Review Report.

Image: Fiverr

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  1. With so many open job postings, this makes perfect sense. I’ve been freelancing for years and when I’m integrated as a partner in the business I can improve the quality of my work.

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