Intuit QuickBooks Teams Up With Allstate Health Solutions for Small Business Healthcare

Intuit QuickBooks has teamed up with Allstate Health Solutions to revolutionize healthcare coverage for small businesses. This collaboration is set to offer a seamless, affordable, and comprehensive insurance experience to employers and employees using QuickBooks Online Payroll.

A Visionary Step in Human Capital Management

Announced at QuickBooks Connect, Intuit’s flagship event for accounting professionals, this partnership aligns with QuickBooks’ vision of offering a unified platform for managing work, pay, and benefits. It aims to simplify business owners’ lives by integrating insurance options directly into the QuickBooks Online Payroll system.

Empowering Employers with Seamless Insurance Integration

Employers using QuickBooks Online Payroll will soon access a wide array of insurance plans through a custom-designed online portal. This integration offers a significant advantage, allowing employers to sync deductions with QuickBooks Payroll seamlessly. Such integration reduces the risk of errors and streamlines the process of adjusting employee benefits, making it a hassle-free experience.

Expert Guidance and Diverse Insurance Options

Allstate Health Solutions will provide a dedicated team of advisors to assist QuickBooks customers in selecting the most suitable insurance plans. This partnership promises a range of insurance options, including private plans, high-deductible plans, and Medicare products, ensuring a match for every business need.

Small Business Deals

Comprehensive Supplemental Benefits

Beyond basic health, dental, and vision plans, the partnership will introduce new supplemental and voluntary benefits. These include coverage for critical illnesses, life, disability, and even non-traditional options like pet insurance and identity theft protection, broadening the scope of benefits available to employers and employees.

Dedicated Support Network

QuickBooks customers will benefit from direct access to a network of over 300 agents, ensuring expert guidance and personalized insurance solutions. This direct connection promises a deeper understanding of the complex health insurance landscape.

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  1. Will the pricing of the insurance plans be reasonable for the SMB owner since their combining lots of people? That’s where I could see them really adding value and getting more participation.

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