Zoom and Swoogo Join Forces to Elevate Hybrid Event Experiences for Small Businesses

At the recently concluded IMEX 2023 in Las Vegas, Zoom and  Swoogo unveiled their new integration, aiming to streamline the organization of both virtual and in-person events. This partnership not only promises an enhanced user experience but also assures broader outreach, catering to audiences irrespective of their geographical location.

Hybrid events have gradually emerged as the go-to format for many businesses, primarily due to their blend of in-person interaction and virtual accessibility. As Wei Li, the Head of Zoom Events, Webinar, Sessions, and Chat at Zoom, remarked, “Hybrid events are the future. With the power of Zoom and Swoogo, it’s easier than ever for hosts to bring together audiences of all sizes and for attendees to join no matter where they are in the world.”

For small business owners, the challenges of organizing large events can be daunting. The combination of Zoom’s virtual event capabilities with Swoogo’s event management tools seems to offer a remedy. Zoom users, for instance, can now acquire a Swoogo license, granting them access to tools designed for on-ground activities – from registering participants for in-person events to setting up a dedicated space for speakers. On the flip side, Swoogo’s clientele can tap into Zoom’s vast virtual event infrastructure, ensuring that their events resonate both online and offline.

The potential benefits for small businesses are manifold. Organizers can extend their reach, capturing audiences that were previously constrained by geography. Virtual attendees, meanwhile, can benefit from high-quality event broadcasts and content tailored for various time zones.

Speaking about this monumental partnership, Sam Harkness, the Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Swoogo, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration empowers event planners and marketers to seamlessly blend the strengths of both platforms, streamlining the creation of exceptional hybrid event experiences.”

The integration seems poised to deliver on its promise of simplicity. Event data can be effortlessly toggled between the two platforms, making the process of organizing, promoting, and executing hybrid events more straightforward than ever. For small businesses seeking to establish a presence in both virtual and physical domains, this partnership could be a game-changer.

Set to be rolled out commercially in early 2024, this collaboration between Zoom and Swoogo represents a promising leap forward in the world of hybrid events. As businesses evolve and adapt to the changing landscape, tools that facilitate such seamless integration will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business interactions and events.

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