Zoom Teams Up with Walmart Business to Offer Affordable Collaboration Tools for SMBs

Zoom and Walmart Business have joined hands to deliver robust communication and collaboration tools at discounted rates. This partnership is set to bring high-quality digital solutions within reach of SMBs, playing a vital role in their growth and ability to tackle challenges effectively.

As part of the new collaboration, Walmart Business+ customers can avail a remarkable 40% discount on the Zoom One Pro Annual plan. This positions Zoom as the exclusive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider for Walmart Business+ clientele.

Walmart Business, specifically crafted for SMBs, seeks to provide a seamless e-commerce experience that saves businesses time, money, and effort. The addition of Zoom to their offerings underscores the platform’s commitment to supporting businesses with top-tier tools without breaking the bank.

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Wendy Bergh, the general manager of online business at Zoom, elaborated on the partnership: “The Zoom platform was purpose-built to support SMBs’ communication needs, and making Zoom One available to Walmart Business+ members gives them access to a wide range of communication and collaboration tools including Team Chat, AI Companion, Meetings, Whiteboard, and more at a lower price point.”

Echoing her sentiments, Daryk Pengelly, the director of business development and membership marketing at Walmart Business, added, “working with Zoom reflects our commitment to deliver solutions SMBs and nonprofits need.”

So, what’s in store for Walmart Business+ members?

Apart from the 40% discount, members can leverage the Zoom One Pro Annual license to tap into unlimited meeting minutes (up to a whopping 30 hours per meeting). The feature-rich platform includes:

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  1. AI Companion: Zoom’s state-of-the-art generative AI assistant designed to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  2. Mail and Calendar Integration: A seamless interface where popular email and calendar services are integrated directly into Zoom, ensuring users don’t need to jump between apps during their workday.
  3. Team Chat: This feature facilitates efficient collaboration, file sharing, and instant communication, all within the Zoom platform.
  4. Zoom Whiteboard: A virtual space where teams can brainstorm with tools such as sticky notes, drawings, and comments. Each license includes three editable whiteboards with 25 MB of cloud storage.
  5. Essential Apps: Integrated apps that can document meeting notes, facilitate team activities, and provide insights for enhanced customer conversations.
  6. Zoom Clips: A feature enabling users to record, tweak, and disseminate short, high-quality video messages both within and outside their organizations.

For SMB owners, this partnership could be a game-changer. With Zoom’s renowned collaboration tools now available at a more accessible price point through Walmart Business+, SMBs are better poised to streamline communications, enhance productivity, and build a more cohesive work environment, irrespective of where their team members are located.

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