Etsy’s 2024 Trend Predictions: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Etsy just unveiled its trend predictions for 2024, with a special focus on the theme of romance. This direction is a response to the world’s current unpredictable state as people seek comfort and beauty in their daily lives. Etsy’s announcement is particularly significant for small business owners who can leverage these trends to cater to evolving consumer preferences.

1. Color of the Year: Berry
Etsy has declared ‘Berry’ as the Color of the Year for 2024. This rich blend of reds and blues is a mature evolution from 2023’s popular pinks. For small businesses, this suggests a shift in product color palettes, ranging from home decor to fashion accessories. The decline in hot pink items (58% decrease in searches) indicates a market ready for this new, romantic shade.

2. Home & Living: Denim Decor
Denim is making a transition from wardrobes to home decor. Over 16,000 denim home decor listings are currently on Etsy, a number expected to rise. Small businesses in the home decor sector can innovate with denim, from quilts to upholstered furniture, tapping into this ’70s-inspired trend.

3. Moving Beyond Gallery Walls
As gallery walls see a decline (16% drop in searches), there’s an emerging preference for alternative art displays. Large framed pieces, mini prints, and bold wallpapers are gaining traction. For small businesses in the art and decor industry, diversifying offerings to include these styles could capture this evolving market.

4. Statement Bathrooms
Bathrooms are set to become a design focal point. With an increase in searches for unique bathroom items like standout vanity lights (up 13%) and wall hooks, small businesses specializing in bathroom fixtures and decor have a significant opportunity to innovate with unconventional designs and colors.

5. Style: Charmed Jewelry and Romancecore
Charmed jewelry is witnessing a resurgence (33% increase in charm bracelet searches). Small jewelry businesses can capitalize on this trend by offering customizable and sentimental pieces. Additionally, the Romancecore fashion trend, characterized by silk, satin, and sheer materials, is gaining popularity. Small fashion retailers can embrace this style to meet the rising demand.

6. Barrel Bags: The New ‘It’ Bag
Barrel bags are set to replace the baguette bag. This presents a unique opportunity for small businesses in the fashion accessory industry to explore this versatile style and offer a range of barrel bags in various materials and designs.

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Implications for Small Businesses

Etsy’s predictions provide a roadmap for small businesses to align their products and marketing strategies with the upcoming trends. By adapting to these trends, small businesses can stay ahead of the curve, attract a wider customer base, and enhance their competitiveness in the market. The key lies in understanding these trends and creatively integrating them into their product offerings and marketing efforts.

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  1. I like the berry color (red / blue)!

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