10 Commercial Christmas Lighting Ideas for Your Small Business

Holiday light displays aren’t just for homes; commercial Christmas lights can be a valuable addition to businesses as well. These special lights can create a festive experience for customers, attract shoppers to your store, keep employees in a festive mood throughout the season, and serve as part of your holiday marketing plan.

There are tons of different ideas for using these lights to accomplish all of these goals. So, your first step should be finding some inspiration and making a plan that’s relevant to your specific business and customers.

Here’s a word from How to Home about How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Lights – works for home or business:

Business Ideas for Commercial Christmas Lights

Attracting shoppers to your store during the holidays can be challenging. Stand out from your competition by trying these commercial Christmas lights ideas.

Put Up a Large Tree

Put Up a Large Tree
photo credit: holiday-lights.net

A large tree can serve as a popular meeting place and focal point throughout the holidays. If you already have one on your business’s property, covering it with lights can help you completely transform your outdoor space. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a structure to put up to recreate this look with lights.

Cover Your Exterior

commercial christmas lights - cover your exterior

With enough strands of lights, you can pretty much cover the entire outside of your building with magical lights, which can make it really catch people’s eyes as they pass by. This is usually better suited to a storefront that is right next to other buildings, since there’s only one side to cover and this type of display requires a ton of lights. But if you have the time and resources, you can do this on pretty much any building.

Partner with Nearby Businesses

10 Commercial Christmas Lights Ideas for Your Small Business
photo credit: downtownrochestermi.com

If you want to really make an impact with your commercial christmas light displays, you might work with other buildings on your street or in your business district to create a theme or include a consistent look that people will want to visit. This can encourage more foot traffic in downtown areas and help consumers focused businesses like shops and restaurants with their holiday marketing efforts.

Spell Out a Message

You can arrange lights into letters to spell out a special holiday message. You can keep it to a generic holiday greeting or spell out something specific to your business, like your company name, tagline, or a funny holiday pun.

Add Tons of Color

Add Tons of Color
photo credit: @guthriegreen on Instagram

Colorful lights can help you catch people’s attention. You can opt for a traditional color palette, go for a full rainbow, or even include your brand colors. Setting up a large display leading up to your building can be the perfect way to really stand out this holiday.

Dress Up Your Cubicles

commercial christmas lights - office decorated with office worker behind the christmas tree

For offices that don’t get a lot of consumer traffic during the holidays, you can still decorate with commercial Christmas lights. Instead of leaving your interior plain, cover your cubicle walls much as you would the exterior of your building. Add tons of colorful strands vertically or just include some icicle lights along the top for some extra sparkle.

Create a Path

10 Commercial Christmas Lights Ideas for Your Small Business
photo credit: nppshows.com

If you’re looking for outdoor Christmas lights ideas that will really attract customers to your building’s entrance, consider setting up lights along the pathway up to your front door. You can keep it to simple white lights, add some candy cane lights along the sides, or even create an archway along the path to make it feel really magical.

Set It to Music

commercial christmas lights - christmas music sheet with gold star decoration on top

Commercial Christmas lights ideas don’t have to just be about the visual element. They can also include music or audio to enhance the experience even more. Some homeowners and businesses choose to have their lights turned on and off to the tune of various Christmas songs. This isn’t going to be feasible for every business, especially those near residential areas or busy downtown districts. But if you can, consider creating a short arrangement that plays for just a few minutes a night. It could end up becoming a destination for people in your area.

Go Maximalist

10 Commercial Christmas Lights Ideas for Your Small Business
photo credit: kansastravel.org

If you want to create a Christmas light display that really gets people’s attention, you may want to really layer your lights and decorations on top of one another so it creates a big spectacle. If you can add a ton of color and find a bunch of unique decor that really catches people’s eye. Outdoor Christmas lights ideas like this could end up in a ton of Instagram pictures or even get some press attention.

Create a Photo Opportunity

commercial christmas lights - photo opp

All of these intricate commercial Christmas lights ideas could result in some extra promotional opportunities when people share photos on social media.

But if you really want to ramp up the attention on that end, create a lights display that people can stand in front of to easily take photos. Integrate favorite characters like Santa and Rudolph that people can interact with if you really want to make it a popular destination.

Enhancing Your Business with Commercial Christmas Lights

commercial christmas lights - worker installing lights on building

Utilizing commercial Christmas lights is a dynamic method to invigorate the appearance of your store and draw in more customers. These specialized lights will not only lend a unique aesthetic appeal but can also increase foot traffic, creating a bustling environment during the holiday season. The benefits of incorporating commercial Christmas lights into your business are numerous, including:

  • Creating a Festive Atmosphere: They infuse your store with a warm, festive glow, making shopping a delightful experience for customers.
  • Attracting More Shoppers: Eye-catching commercial Christmas lights can lure more shoppers into your store, enhancing sales opportunities.
  • Boosting Employee Morale: The cheerful ambiance created by these lights can uplift the spirits of your employees, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Versatility in Design: With a wide array of styles and colors, commercial Christmas lights allow you to tailor your decorations to suit your brand and theme, providing a cohesive look.
  • Enhancing Marketing Efforts: By creating a standout visual appeal, these lights can also be an integral part of your marketing strategy, setting your store apart from competitors.

Investing in commercial Christmas lights is not just good for enhancing appearances; it’s a strategic move that can translate into more customers and higher sales during the peak shopping season.

Safety Tips and Best Practices for Commercial Christmas Lights

When setting up commercial Christmas lights, safety should be your top priority. Here are some crucial tips to ensure a safe and successful display:

  • Check for Certification: Use lights that have been tested and certified by safety standards organizations. Look for labels from UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or similar agencies.
  • Inspect Lights: Before installation, thoroughly inspect each strand for frayed wires, broken sockets, or loose connections.
  • Use Outdoor-Safe Lights: Ensure all outdoor lights are rated for exterior use to withstand weather conditions.
  • Avoid Overloading Circuits: Be mindful of the power load on your electrical circuits to prevent overloading. Use power strips with built-in circuit breakers for added safety.
  • Securely Fasten Lights: Secure lights firmly to prevent them from being blown down by wind, potentially causing hazards.
  • Use Ladders Safely: When installing lights in high places, use sturdy ladders and have someone to assist you for stability.
  • Turn Off Lights Overnight: Reduce the risk of electrical issues by turning off the lights when the business is closed, especially overnight.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Christmas Light Display

Maintaining your Christmas light display ensures it stays bright and functional throughout the season. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Regular Checks: Periodically check the lights for any burnt-out bulbs and replace them immediately.
  • Clean the Lights: Keep the lights clean from dust and debris, which can dim their brightness.
  • Weather Checks: After harsh weather conditions, inspect and adjust the display to ensure everything is still securely in place.
  • Backup Supplies: Keep extra bulbs and extension cords on hand for quick replacements when needed.

Incorporating Technology in Your Christmas Light Display

Modern technology can make your Christmas light display more efficient and captivating. Consider these tech-friendly ideas:

  • LED Lights: Use LED lights for their energy efficiency, longer life span, and brighter illumination.
  • Programmable Lights: Invest in programmable light systems that allow you to create custom light shows, change colors, and control patterns.
  • Smart Controls: Use smart plugs and controllers that let you manage your light display with a smartphone app, setting timers and remotely controlling the lights.

Cost-Effective Christmas Lighting Solutions

Creating an impressive Christmas light display doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some budget-friendly ideas:

  • DIY Decorations: Create your own decorations with materials like paper, fabric, or recycled items to accompany the lights.
  • Shop Post-Holiday Sales: Purchase lights and decorations after the holiday season for the next year at a significantly reduced price.
  • Use Timers: Save on electricity costs by using timers to control when the lights are on, especially during off-peak hours.
  • Focus on Key Areas: Instead of lighting up the entire building, focus on key areas like the entrance or windows for maximum impact with fewer lights.

By following these guidelines and tips, your business can safely and cost-effectively create a festive and inviting atmosphere with commercial Christmas lights.

Here’s a handy table to refer to that doesn’t have all those distracting commercial Christmas lights. You can keep it somewhere for easy reference while you make the magic happen at your company.

IdeaDescriptionBest Suited ForPhoto OpportunitiesPotential Impact
Put Up a Large TreeTransform outdoor space with a large tree covered in lights, or purchase a structure to recreate this look.Outdoor SpacesYesHigh
Cover Your ExteriorCover the outside of the building with magical lights, catching people's eyes as they pass by.StorefrontsYesModerate to High
Partner with Nearby BusinessesCollaborate with other businesses to create a consistent theme or look to increase foot traffic.Downtown AreasYesHigh
Spell Out a MessageUse lights to spell out a holiday greeting, company name, or funny holiday pun.All BusinessesNoModerate
Add Tons of ColorUse colorful lights to catch attention, including traditional colors, full rainbow, or brand colors.Retail StoresYesModerate to High
Dress Up Your CubiclesDecorate cubicle walls with colorful strands or icicle lights for extra sparkle.OfficesNoLow
Create a PathSet up lights along the pathway to the entrance, using white lights, candy cane lights, or an archway.Restaurants, RetailersYesModerate
Set It to MusicEnhance the visual element with music or audio, creating a short arrangement that plays for a few minutes a night.Entertainment VenuesNoModerate
Go MaximalistLayer lights and unique decorations for a big spectacle, creating a ton of color and attention.Outdoor DisplaysYesHigh
Create a Photo OpportunityCreate a lights display where people can take photos, integrate favorite characters like Santa and Rudolph for interaction, or make it a popular destination.Malls, Themed StoresYesHigh

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