How to Get Your Mojo Back: 29 Things You Can Do

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Wondering how to get your mojo back? Hands down, one of the most challenging aspects of being in business is sustaining our inspiration and motivation. Life has a natural ebb and flow, but it’s the ebb that can get us into trouble if we let it linger too long.

Editor’s note: watch a video featuring the top 10 ways to renew your spirit and get your mojo back.

How to Get Your Mojo Back

You may not be able to control the unexpected challenges that come your way.  But you can put tools, tips and suggestions in place to deal with the bad news, the blahs and the loss of enthusiasm we all experience from time to time — and get your mojo back.

Set Small, Achievable Goals

Instead of overwhelming yourself with large, daunting tasks, break your goals into smaller, more manageable ones. Achieving these smaller goals can provide a sense of accomplishment and progressively build your confidence and enthusiasm.


Get moving!  This is especially important for those who have sedentary jobs.

Physical activity is a proven way to change your mood and attitude, not to mention physical appearance and fitness.

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According to one study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, sedentary behavior increases our chances of getting a disease or a condition that will kill us prematurely, even if we exercise.  Sitting is the new smoking.

Adopt an exercise routine, park farther away, walk the mall, take the stairs, and get up and move around during the day.  Use a pedometer or step counter, and work your way up to the 10,000 steps a day that some health professionals advocate.

Focus on Positive Affirmations

Take a few moments before blasting into the day to focus on a positive thought, intention or idea.  It establishes an effective mindset for the rest of the day.

Go to any bookstore, find some meditation books recommended for beginners, and get started.  Or subscribe to one of the many websites that deliver daily affirmations right to your inbox!

Get Enough Sleep and Hydrate

how to get your mojo back

Most of working America is sleep starved, trying to juggle family and work. It is suggested to get at least eight hours of sleep and drink eight glasses of water daily. Lack of sleep and hydration can drain our energy and motivation.  When we get run down is when we can get sick.

Eat Better

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. Try to eat foods that boost energy naturally and give you stamina.  Avoid the quick sugar shot. It is usually followed by an energy crash that makes you feel worse.

The right foods, at the right time of day, can make a big difference in our productivity and mood. Seek out power foods that boost business abilities, such as apples, walnuts and green tea.

Unplug and Reconnect with Nature

Disconnect from your devices and spend some time in nature. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a hike, or simply sitting in your garden, immersing yourself in natural surroundings can rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Nature’s calmness can help reset your thoughts and bring a fresh perspective.

Practice Gratitude

Take a moment each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for. It could be as simple as a good cup of coffee, a supportive friend, or a productive workday. Acknowledging these moments of gratitude can shift your focus from what’s going wrong to what’s going right, boosting your mood and motivation.

Explore Creative Outlets

Engaging in creative activities like painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument can be incredibly therapeutic. These activities provide a constructive outlet for expressing emotions and can ignite the spark of joy and innovation.


Offering your time to help others can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Volunteering at local shelters, participating in community events, or simply helping a neighbor can lift your spirits and provide a sense of connection and accomplishment.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Amidst the daily hustle, finding a quiet moment to center yourself can be transformative. Just a brief 5-minute meditation can be a sanctuary of calm in a stormy day. By focusing on the breath, you can cultivate mindfulness—being present in the current moment without judgment.

As you practice, you might find reduced stress, clearer thinking, and a more profound sense of peace. It’s a little daily gift to yourself that can have lasting impacts.

Remind Yourself of Successes

Some people have a tendency to focus on the negative. If that sounds like you, try to break yourself of that bad habit by consciously focusing on recent successes. They don’t need to be huge successes — it’s more about the little daily successes.  Remind yourself of a recent job well done or accomplishment.

When you allocate more of your mindshare to thinking about success, you feel more successful.

Adopt this trick that some people use: set a large clear jar on your desk. Add a marble or a dried bean to it each time you experience a win or achieve a goal.  As it fills up over the weeks and months, you will be energized by ‘seeing’ your successes.


how to get your mojo back

Go out and meet people.  Or reach out to someone you haven’t talked with recently.  With social media, Skype, mobile phones and texting, staying connected is easier than ever.

Limit News Consumption

It’s crucial to be informed, but constant exposure to dire headlines can be draining. Be intentional about when and how you consume news. Allocate specific times, and outside those, give yourself permission to disconnect. By curating your informational intake, you protect your mental space and keep your mojo thriving.

Avoid Negative Nellies

People who are downers will drag you down. You know them as soon as they walk into a room. Avoid them.  Surround yourself with positive, uplifting ‘glass half full’ types. Their energy and positive attitude will rub off on you.

Don’t Wallow

We all have natural ebb and flow cycles of energy and motivation. Part of being human is allowing ourselves to be where we are, but making a conscious effort to move ourselves out of these lapses in enthusiasm as soon as we can.

Commit 100%

Throw yourself completely into the activity at hand.  The more attention you put toward whatever you are doing, the less attention you will give to your worries.

Engage in a Hobby

Regardless of what your hobby is — be it painting, playing the guitar, crafts, playing basketball, creative writing or cooking — engage in it regularly. Hobbies allow us to be happy, joyful and get away from stressors that demotivate us.  Some people actually find a way to turn their hobby into a business.

Nature Therapy

Stepping into the embrace of nature can be like a soft reset for your spirit. The rhythmic chirping of birds, the rustle of leaves underfoot, or simply the vast open sky overhead can be deeply therapeutic.

Whether it’s a walk in the park, a leisurely hike, or just sipping tea in your backyard, connecting with nature can uplift your mood, reduce anxiety, and spark creativity.

Change Your Look

Nothing can motivate you and get your mojo back faster than a makeover or an upstyle. A new hair cut and color, or some new clothes can not only change your attitude but others’ perceptions of you.

Whether you are young and just starting out, older and starting to fight some age bias, or in the sweet spot for your career — looking sharp, stylish and professional can influence people’s impression of you. First impressions are lasting impressions, so look awesome.

Plan a Getaway Near Water

Go on a day trip or long weekend near the beach or a lake.  Large bodies of water generate negative ions.  Negative ions are invisible molecules we inhale. They are believed to increase levels of serotonin in our bodies, helping to alleviate depression and increase our daytime energy.

Find Business Allies

Seek out and find like-minded people who share your values, ideas and philosophy. They will surround you with positive energy and support. They can be from your local Chamber of Commerce, industry organizations, or Web communities like LinkedIn Groups.

Take Care of The Whole You

Taking care of your “whole person” and refreshing your body, mind and spirit is a growing trend, as different generations want different things from their careers. Try taking up yoga, tai chi or Pilates. Or simply schedule and take a real vacation, without work.


Go through your stuff: closets, drawers, desk and garage.  Clean up, throw out or give away. It is a freeing feeling.

De-clutter your workspace, including your email inbox.  Make sure your daily routine is efficient and productive.

Cut back on commitments that take time away from family or hobbies that give you enjoyment.

Take a Class

Give your brain a workout.  Take a low-cost or no-cost class offered through cities, counties or schools. There is something for every interest or fascination: music, art, writing, travel, cooking, hobbies, history, business, family or crafts.

Start A Journal

It’s amazing what comes out when you let your creative juices flow and just write. Get a special notebook, or start a private blog. Make it your creative, freestyle writing place. Spend some quiet time nurturing your creativity through writing.

Improve Time Management

how to get your mojo back

We all have the same number of hours, but why is it that some people seem to have more time for family and hobbies, or get more done in the workday?  It boils down to how you organize your day, prioritize activities and manage your time.

Plan out your daily and weekly schedule.  Block out time for work, family, friends, fun and you.

If you need help, get a time management app or book, such as David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.”

Seek Feedback

It’s easy to become enmeshed in our own perspective and miss the broader picture. Occasionally, reaching out to a trusted friend or advisor for feedback can provide invaluable insights. They might offer a viewpoint you’ve overlooked or reassure you that you’re on the right path. Sometimes, all we need is an external voice to reinvigorate our motivation and provide clarity in our journey.

Listen to Music or Podcasts

There’s magic in melodies and rhythms. An uplifting tune can reignite the spark within, driving away monotony. Alternatively, dive into an inspiring podcast; let new ideas and perspectives energize your spirit. Whether it’s the beat of a drum or an invigorating discussion, letting sound sweep you away can be a potent mojo-reviver.

Tweak Stuff

The best way to keep things on track is to notice when they start to change. Pay attention to whether your output is slipping, you’re responding to messages late, or you’re missing deadlines. Making small tweaks and adjustments can get you back on track. Then you won’t have to make dramatic changes down the road.

Digital Detox

Our world is interconnected, but sometimes the constant buzzing, beeping, and notifications can be overwhelming. Consider giving yourself a digital vacation. By setting aside specific times to disconnect from screens and devices, you invite a sense of calm and clarity into your day. This isn’t about shunning technology but appreciating the beauty of disconnecting momentarily. After all, life’s most genuine moments often happen offline.


how to get your mojo back

Go ahead — think of something that makes you smile or laugh.  Finding the humor in life is the healthiest way to live it. Besides, people enjoy being around fun people.

Take Up a Sport

If you have been wanting to take on a new sport, find people and groups to start the process with. Be persistent and make the commitment. This can be a BIG game changer in anyone’s motivation, as the journey becomes the most important accomplishment. The “getting started” and commitment will transform you.

Limit Multitasking

get your mojo back

Juggling tasks might seem efficient, but it can dilute your focus. Embrace the power of dedicated attention. By immersing yourself wholeheartedly into one task, you amplify the quality of your work and reduce feelings of overwhelm. Think of it as deep diving—there’s a richness in depth that you miss when you skim the surface.

Reward Yourself

We should all be kinder to ourselves. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal or something good happens in your business. Small daily wins lead to big wins. It’s cumulative. Reward yourself with a new blouse, an extra hour of sleep or scheduling lunch with an old friend.  And don’t feel guilty. Enjoy it.

The Importance of Getting Your Mojo Back

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your energy, passion, and motivation are the driving forces behind your venture’s success. But everyone hits a wall at some point. When enthusiasm wanes, it can affect not just you, but your entire business operation. Rekindling that inner fire—your “mojo”—is essential for maintaining momentum, ensuring productivity, and leading with confidence. Here’s why reigniting that spirit is crucial:

  • Boosted Productivity: When you’re invigorated and passionate, tasks seem easier and challenges become conquerable. Rediscovering your mojo means enhanced focus and efficiency, allowing you to tackle projects with renewed vigor and see them through to completion.
  • Enhanced Creativity: A motivated mind is a creative one. By rejuvenating your spirit, you open the doors to innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. This can be the difference between following the competition and setting industry trends.
  • Improved Team Morale: Your energy is contagious. When you’re operating at your peak, your team picks up on that enthusiasm. It fosters a positive work environment where everyone is inspired to contribute their best.
  • Better Decision Making: With your mojo back, you gain clarity. This clear-headedness is pivotal when making crucial business decisions. Instead of reacting out of stress or fatigue, you’ll respond from a place of insight and confidence.
  • Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Entrepreneurship is filled with ups and downs. By maintaining your inner spark, you not only navigate challenges more adeptly but also bounce back from setbacks faster, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your business.

Ways to Get Your Mojo Back Checklist

Ways to Get Your Mojo BackChecklist
Get moving!?
Focus on Positive Affirmations?
Get Enough Sleep and Hydrate?
Eat Better?
Mindfulness and Meditation?
Remind Yourself of Successes?
Limit News Consumption?
Avoid Negative Nellies?
Don't Wallow?
Commit 100%?
Engage in a Hobby?
Nature Therapy?
Change Your Look?
Plan a Getaway Near Water?
Find Business Allies?
Take Care of The Whole You?
Take a Class?
Start A Journal?
Improve Time Management?
Seek Feedback?
Listen to Music or Podcasts?
Tweak Stuff?
Digital Detox?
Take Up a Sport?
Limit Multitasking?
Reward Yourself?

Finally, remember that most of us have more ability to control our energy levels, enthusiasm and motivation than we may realize. Don’t strive for perfect work-life balance or perfect happiness. You’ll just become frustrated when you can’t obtain them.

Instead, make daily choices. Take action everyday. Your mood will follow.  Your spirit will feel renewed and you’ll soon get your mojo back.

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