IRS Enhances Business Tax Account Access for S Corporations and Partnerships

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made a significant stride in its ongoing modernization efforts by expanding the capabilities of its online business tax account tool. This expansion is particularly beneficial for small businesses, as it includes new access for individual partners of partnerships and individual shareholders of S corporation businesses, in addition to sole proprietors.

Key Features of the Updated Business Tax Account

  • Expanded Access: Partners in partnerships and shareholders in S corporations now have access to a business tax account.
  • Downloadable Tax Transcripts: Businesses can download PDFs of various business tax transcripts.
  • Viewing Notices for Sole Proprietors: Sole proprietors can view specific notices like CP080 and CP136.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Access is granted once a business return with Schedule K-1 is filed and processed for at least one year between 2019-2022.
  • Sole Proprietors with EIN: Those with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can access their business tax account.

Background and Context

This development is a part of the IRS’s service improvement initiative under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and aligns with its multi-year Strategic Operating Plan. It represents a move towards digitization and efficiency in tax management for businesses.

Statement from IRS Commissioner

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel highlighted this expansion as a critical aspect of IRS modernization, aiming to simplify interactions for businesses and reduce paper-based processes.

Implications for Small Businesses

  • Ease of Access: The tool’s expansion allows small business owners to manage their tax obligations more efficiently.
  • Reduced Need for Direct Contact: With these online features, businesses can handle many tax-related tasks without needing to call or mail the IRS.

Future Enhancements

The IRS plans to evolve the business tax account into a comprehensive application, offering a full suite of digital products and services. This will include viewing letters or notices, requesting tax transcripts, authorizing third parties, and managing tax payments.

Setting Up and Accessing the Business Tax Account

  • For New Users: Businesses can set up their accounts by visiting
  • For Existing Users: Sole proprietors with an existing individual account linked to an EIN can use their current login to access the business tax account.

The IRS’s enhancement of the business tax account tool is a welcome development for small business owners. It simplifies tax management, allowing for more efficient and streamlined interactions with the IRS. This move is a significant step in the IRS’s broader effort to transform and modernize its services, making tax compliance easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

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