Shopping Basket: Options for Your Retail Business

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There is only so much a customer can carry in a store with their hands. And that is why a shopping basket is so useful. They not only make the shopping experience more enjoyable, but they can also encourage shoppers to add more things to their baskets. If you are looking for shopping basket options for your retail business, here is where you will find them.

As a retailer, having baskets strategically placed in different locations can encourage customers to use them. Your customers will be grateful, and they might even fill that basket with more purchases.

Shopping Basket Options: Our Picks From Amazon

While researching the best shopping basket options on Amazon, we found certain factors key in finding quality products. Here is our methodology for choosing the products on our list:

  1. Durability and Material Quality (9/10):
    • Strength: Ability to hold weight without breaking.
    • Material: Non-toxic, sturdy, and long-lasting.
  2. Size and Capacity (8/10):
    • Volume: Adequate space for typical purchases.
    • Dimensions: Should be easy to navigate through store aisles.
  3. Design and Comfort (7/10):
    • Handles: Ergonomic and comfortable to grip.
    • Aesthetics: Visually appealing and aligns with store branding.
  4. Ease of Storage (8/10):
    • Stackability: Efficiently stackable to save space.
    • Weight: Light enough to be easily maneuvered when stacked.
  5. Mobility (6/10):
    • Wheels (if applicable): Smooth movement without jamming.
    • Balance: Stable, even when fully loaded.
  6. Cost and Value (7/10):
    • Affordability: Competitively priced without compromising quality.
    • Return on Investment: Durable enough to avoid frequent replacements.
  7. Customization and Branding (5/10):
    • Color Options: Availability of brand-matching colors.
    • Branding Space: Suitable areas for logos or store names.
  8. Environmental Impact (4/10):
    • Recyclable Materials: Eco-friendly production and disposal.
    • Sustainability: Produced with minimal environmental impact.

These criteria were pivotal in our selection process for shopping baskets. We aimed to balance functionality, user experience, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that the baskets we recommend enhance both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Now, take a look at our picks below:


Mophorn 12PCS Shopping Baskets with Handles

Mophorn 12PCS Shopping Baskets with Handles

This set from Mophron includes 12 baskets. Made from a powder-coated metal frame, each basket can hold up to 44 pounds. Other features include thickened metal strips at the bottom, black rubber handles, and a silver basket stand for storage.

Mophorn 12PCS  Baskets with Handles

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Mophorn 6PCS Baskets With Wheels

Mophorn 6PCS Shopping Carts, Blue Shopping Baskets with Handles

These baskets are also from Mophron, and have wheels made from premium plastic. You get six 21″D x 13″ W x 14″H baskets in the set and each one can hold up to 75 pounds of items. You can either roll the basket or use the two handles to carry it.

Mophorn 6PCS Shopping Carts

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VEVOR Shopping Baskets

VEVOR Shopping Basket, Set of 12 Black, Durable PE Material with Handle and Stand

VEVOR’s baskets are made of high-density polyethylene plastic and solid iron handles coming in at 16.9″L x 11.8″W x 8.07″H. Each basket can hold up to 20 pounds and the set includes an iron stand.

VEVOR Shopping Basket

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CleverMade Collapsible Plastic Grocery Baskets

Although the three-basket set from CleverMade is more expensive, they are very well made and looks different from the competition. It is completely collapsible, measures 17.5″L x 11.25″ W x 9.12″H and can hold up to 25 pounds.

CleverMade Collapsible Plastic Grocery Shopping Baskets

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Rolling Basket with Handle

Shopping Basket Set of 6 Durable Red Plastic with Handle and Wheels for Retail Store

This is another rolling shopping basket set that is 21” L x 13.2” W x 14.3” H that can hold up to 75 pounds. Made from premium plastic it has thick plastic stripes on the bottom, two handles for lifting, and a pull-out handle to roll the basket.

Shopping Basket with Handle and Wheels

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Shopping Basket Set in Black Metal

Shopping Basket Set in Black Metal,Wire Basket, Wire Shopping Perfect for Retail

Metal wire baskets will last longer making them a good long-term investment. The baskets in this set of 12 are 17” W x 12” D x 7” H made of alloy steel along with a stand made of iron. Eighty-six percent of customers have given it five stars on Amazon.

Shopping Basket Set in Black Metal

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Mophorn 12PCS Shopping Basket Set

Mophorn 12PCS Shopping Basket, Plastic Green Shopping Baskets

Capable of holding up to 33 pounds, this 12-piece set of baskets from Mophron is made of premium plastic. They are 16.8” L x 11.5” W x 7.9H and the set includes a black basket stand with swivel caster wheels.

Mophorn 12PCS Shopping Basket Set

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Only Hangers Plastic Shopping Baskets

Only Hangers Plastic Shopping Baskets - Durable Yellow Plastic Set of Shopping Baskets

The 15.5″L x 11.5″W x 8″D shopping baskets from Only Hangers can hold up to 50 pounds, making them one of the strongest when it comes to load. The set has 12 baskets made from durable plastic and metal handles which also include a metal stand.

Only Hangers Plastic Shopping Baskets

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Rolling Shopping Basket

35L 6PCS Shopping Carts with Wheels and Handle

Two foldable handles, one for pulling and another one for carrying makes this 28.15″D x 23.82″ W x 14.37″H basket versatile. It is made of high-quality plastic, and it can hold up to 75 pounds of items.

Rolling Shopping Basket

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12 Pcs Large Metal Shopping Baskets

Shopping Basket Set of 12 Durable Red Plastic with Sign and Stand

At 18″W x 13″D x 9″H these metal mesh baskets can hold up to 59 pounds. Steel handles, thickened metal strips on the bottom, and rubber covering makes this shopping basket a great buy.

Shopping Basket Set of 12

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Choosing The Right Shopping Baskets

When you’re choosing shopping baskets for your business, it’s essential to think about the impression and utility they’ll offer to your customers. An investment in the right basket is indirectly an investment in enhancing your customer’s shopping experience.

  • Durability: Shopping baskets are constantly in use, especially during peak business hours. Opt for baskets that are robust and can withstand wear and tear. This not only ensures value for money but also saves you the hassle of frequently replacing damaged baskets.
  • Versatility: Some businesses offer a mix of heavy and light products. A versatile basket caters to both, ensuring customers don’t need different baskets for different items.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Your baskets aren’t just tools; they represent your brand. Choose colors and designs that complement your store’s theme and ambiance.
  • Eco-friendliness: With rising awareness about environmental issues, many customers prefer businesses that are environmentally conscious. Consider baskets made from recycled or sustainable materials.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Spills and dirt are common in retail. Opt for baskets that are easy to clean, ensuring they always look neat and inviting.

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Increased Sales: A comfortable shopping experience can lead to customers spending more time in your store and potentially buying more.
  • Brand Image: Offering quality baskets can enhance your brand’s image, indicating that you care about the minute details of customer experience.
  • Efficient Space Management: Baskets that stack neatly can optimize store space, making room for product displays or promotions.

Shopping baskets do more than just hold products. They can boosts sales, foster loyalty, and create a lasting impression on your customers.


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