Surveys for Money: The 10 Best Legit Paid Survey Websites to Try

Looking to earn some extra cash? If you’re open to sharing your opinions and insights, surveys for money might be your solution. This article explores the top 10 legitimate paid survey websites where you can participate in surveys and get paid for your time and feedback. These platforms offer a convenient way to make money online, all while expressing your viewpoints on various topics. Let’s dive into the best options for those interested in making money with surveys.

Filling in Surveys for Money Online

In the world of online money making apps, surveys offer an avenue, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Participating in surveys won’t replace a full-time job, but surveys pay enough to bring in a supplemental income. Market research companies rely on these surveys to gather consumer insights. Legitimate paid online survey sites provide a bridge between businesses seeking opinions and individuals looking to earn a bit extra.

Choosing the Best Surveys-for-Money Platforms: Our Methodology

When it comes to choosing platforms for earning money through surveys, it’s important for users, especially those involved in small businesses or entrepreneurial endeavors, to make an informed decision. We’ve developed a set of criteria, each rated on an importance scale where 10 signifies the utmost importance. Here’s our evaluation criteria:

  1. Payout Rate and Structure
    • Our Importance Scale: 10/10
    • We assess the average earnings per survey and the overall payout structure, as this directly impacts the earning potential.
  2. Reputation and Legitimacy
    • Our Importance Scale: 9/10
    • The platform’s credibility and track record are crucial to ensure users are investing their time wisely and will actually get paid.
  3. Variety and Frequency of Surveys
    • Our Importance Scale: 8/10
    • A higher frequency and variety of surveys increase the chances of consistent earnings.
  4. Payment Methods and Thresholds
    • Our Importance Scale: 7/10
    • We evaluate the ease and flexibility of withdrawing earnings, including minimum payout thresholds and available payment methods.
  5. User Experience and Interface
    • Our Importance Scale: 7/10
    • A user-friendly interface and seamless experience are important for efficient survey-taking.
  6. Time Investment vs. Earnings
    • Our Importance Scale: 6/10
    • The balance between the time spent on surveys and the earnings received is a key factor in determining the platform’s practicality.
  7. Privacy and Data Security
    • Our Importance Scale: 6/10
    • We examine the platform’s policies on user data privacy and security to ensure personal information is protected.
  8. Customer Support
    • Our Importance Scale: 5/10
    • Reliable customer support is essential for resolving any issues users might encounter.
  9. Accessibility and Device Compatibility
    • Our Importance Scale: 4/10
    • The ability to access surveys across various devices enhances convenience and availability.
  10. Community Feedback and Reviews
    • Our Importance Scale: 4/10
    • We consider user reviews and community feedback to gauge overall satisfaction and potential issues with the platform.

This structured approach allows us to provide a comprehensive evaluation of surveys-for-money platforms, ensuring that users can make an informed decision based on their specific needs and goals.

Surveys for Money: The Top 10 Online Survey Sites to Try

Looking to earn extra cash? Dive into our list of the best surveys for money with these top paid gig apps sites. These best-paid survey sites are your ticket to share opinions, complete surveys, and pocket some bucks. Let’s explore the top options together…

1. Survey Junkie

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $1 to $3

Small Business Deals

Payout Threshold: $10 (1000 points)

Payment Method: PayPal, gift cards, or bank transfer

Rewards: None

Survey Junkie is a trustworthy paid survey site platform for earning money through surveys. It presents a range of surveys on diverse topics, catering to personal interests. The user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation and timely payouts add to its reliability. Upon sign-up and profile completion, you start earning automatic points. These points accumulate through completed surveys and can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. Survey Junkie is user-friendly, free, and doesn’t flood your inbox with emails.

2. Opinion Outpost

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.50 to $5

Payout Threshold: $10 (PayPal), $5 (gift cards)

Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards

Rewards: None

Opinion Outpost offers a user-friendly platform for sharing your opinions in exchange for rewards. While the payouts aren’t substantial, the site is renowned for its simplicity and easy-to-follow surveys. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners seeking to earn extra money through surveys. With a low payout threshold and a straightforward layout, Opinion Outpost caters well to newcomers. The points system allows for PayPal cash-outs or gift cards from popular retailers, adding to its flexibility.

3. Swagbucks

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.40 to $2

Payout Threshold: $25 (PayPal), $3 (gift cards)

Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards

Rewards: $10 sign-up bonus

Swagbucks stands out with its versatile rewards system, offering opportunities to accumulate points through surveys, video-watching, shopping, and more. This well-established platform is favored by those looking for diverse earning avenues. With tens of thousands of paid surveys and options like cash back or gift cards, Swagbucks is one of the most legitimate and significant survey companies, open to users in several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and others. The age requirement starts from 13 years old.

4. LifePoints

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.60 to $1

Payout Threshold: 550 LPs (about $5)

Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards

Rewards: 10 LifePoints

LifePoints, a major global influencer network, offers surveys on consumer trends. Despite modest payouts, it’s a legit way to share insights and earn rewards. Unlike competitors, qualifying for their surveys is easier and takes around 10 minutes. This might mean lower pay per survey, but the time you invest balances out. Available in 44 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK, LifePoints is for users 18+.

5. MyPoints

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: 50 to 600 Points (175 points equals about $1)

Payout Threshold: $3

Payment Method: Gift cards

Rewards: $5 Welcome Bonus

MyPoints MyPoints stands out by blending surveys and shopping for rewards. This diverse approach lets users gather points, used later for a variety of rewards. Beyond surveys, MyPoints provides a range of ways to earn, from questions and polls to shopping. You can even get paid to watch videos. The platform offers points even when surveys aren’t suitable. Keep in mind, though, that some offers lead to external sites, slightly less user-friendly. MyPoints is available in the US and Canada.

6. Branded Surveys

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.30 to $3

Payout Threshold: $5

Payment Method: PayPal, gift cards, or bank transfer

Rewards: 100 Points Welcome Bonus

Branded Surveys offers a simple way to earn rewards by participating in surveys. This platform links users to surveys covering various topics, catering to those wanting to voice opinions while earning rewards for their insights. Upon signing up, you receive 100 points and answer brief introductory questions. Additionally, the Branded Elite program rewards you for progressing through bronze, silver, and gold levels by completing surveys and referring friends. As you climb, earning potential and survey quality increase.

7. Kashkick

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.50 to $5

Payout Threshold: $10

Payment Method: PayPal

Rewards: None

Kashkick presents US users aged 18 and above with versatile ways to earn rewards, including surveys, video watching, and offer completion. Its assortment of options caters to those looking for diverse avenues to accumulate rewards gradually. Although there’s no mobile app, the user-friendly online dashboard simplifies navigation. Beyond surveys, Kashkick rewards tasks like game playing and account sign-ups, ultimately paying out cash through PayPal upon reaching $10.

8. Ipsos iSay

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $0.10 to $1

Payout Threshold: $15 (PayPal or Visa), $10 (gift cards)

Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards

Rewards: None

iSay, by market research firm Ipsos, offers a platform for sharing opinions on a variety of topics. While the payouts per survey might not be the highest, the platform is reputable and provides a legitimate way to earn rewards through participating in surveys. It’s a straightforward option for those interested in expressing their opinions and earning rewards.

9. Toluna

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $1 to $5

Payout Threshold: $10

Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards

Rewards: None

Toluna connects users with surveys on products, services, and trends. While the earnings may not be substantial, the platform provides a reliable way to share your insights and earn rewards for your time.

10. Valued Opinions

surveys for money

Amount Per Survey: $1 to $5

Payout Threshold: $20

Payment Method: Gift cards

Rewards: None

Valued Opinions offers a platform for sharing opinions on various subjects and earning rewards in return. While the payouts may vary, the platform provides a legitimate way to earn rewards through participating in surveys.

SiteAmount Per SurveyPayout ThresholdPayment MethodRewardsOverview
Survey Junkie$1 to $3$10 (1000 points)PayPal, gift cards, bank transferNoneUser-friendly, reliable payouts, diverse survey topics, automatic points on sign-up.
Opinion Outpost$0.50 to $5$10 (PayPal), $5 (gift cards)PayPal, gift cardsNoneIdeal for beginners, user-friendly, low payout threshold.
Swagbucks$0.40 to $2$25 (PayPal), $3 (gift cards)PayPal, gift cards$10 sign-up bonusMultiple earning opportunities, available in various countries, low age requirement (13+).
LifePoints$0.60 to $1550 LPs (~$5)PayPal, gift cards10 LifePointsGlobal platform, quick survey qualification, 18+ age requirement.
MyPoints50 to 600 Points (~$0.28 to ~$3.42)$3Gift cards$5 Welcome BonusMix of surveys and shopping, multiple earning methods, US and Canada only.
Branded Surveys$0.30 to $3$5PayPal, gift cards, bank transfer100 Points Welcome BonusElite program, reward levels, quality surveys.
Kashkick$0.50 to $5$10PayPalNoneDiverse earning methods, no app, US, 18+.
Ipsos iSay$0.10 to $1$15 (PayPal or Visa), $10 (gift cards)PayPal, gift cardsNoneReputable, diverse survey topics.
Toluna$1 to $5$10PayPal, gift cardsNoneSurveys on products, services, and trends.
Valued Opinions$1 to $5$20Gift cardsNonePlatform for diverse opinion sharing.

Online Surveys for Money Tips

When it comes to making the most of online surveys for money, a bit of strategy can go a long way. Here are some essential tips that will help you navigate the world of paid surveys and make the most out of your efforts:

  • Choose Reputable Sites: Not all survey sites are created equal. Stick to well-known and reputable platforms that have a proven track record of fair payouts, reliable surveys, and positive user experiences. Research beforehand to ensure you’re investing your time in the right places.
  • Complete Your Profile: Your survey profile is your digital representation to survey providers. Make sure to fill it out completely and accurately. This information is crucial for ensuring that you receive survey invitations that are relevant to you. Incomplete profiles might lead to missed opportunities.
  • Be Consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to earning money through surveys. While you might not qualify for every survey you’re invited to, regular participation increases your chances of receiving more survey invitations. Set aside dedicated time each day or week to check for new survey opportunities.
  • Diversify Your Survey Portfolio: Don’t limit yourself to just one survey site. Register with multiple reputable platforms to increase your opportunities for surveys. Different sites may have different types of surveys available, allowing you to maximize your earning potential.
  • Utilize Mobile Apps: Many survey sites have mobile apps. Using these apps can make it easier to take surveys on the go, ensuring you don’t miss out on timely opportunities. This approach can be particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Establish clear, achievable targets for your survey earnings. This will help you stay motivated and track your progress. Whether it’s a small daily goal or a larger monthly target, having a clear aim can enhance your survey-taking experience.
  • Avoid Multi-tasking During Surveys: Give each survey your full attention. This not only ensures the quality of your responses but also helps you complete surveys more efficiently. Rushed or distracted answers can lead to disqualification from the survey.
  • Check Email Regularly: Most survey invitations are sent via email. Make it a habit to check your email regularly so you don’t miss out on time-sensitive survey invitations. Quick response times can sometimes lead to higher-paying opportunities.
  • Stay Honest: Survey providers value honest opinions. Don’t try to predict what a survey is looking for and tailor your answers accordingly. Instead, provide genuine feedback based on your own thoughts and experiences. Your authentic input is what these companies are after.
  • Redeem Rewards Promptly: As you accumulate rewards through completing surveys, make sure to redeem them in a timely manner. Rewards can come in various forms, such as cash, gift cards, or vouchers. Don’t let your hard-earned rewards go to waste by allowing them to expire.
  • Look for Additional Opportunities: Some paid survey sites offer additional money making opportunities beyond sharing your opinions. For example, you may be able to make money listening to music or make money typing.

Avoid Online Surveys for Money if You Spot These 6 Red Flags

In the realm of legitimate survey companies that offer opportunities to earn extra cash, exercising caution is paramount. While there are genuine platforms out there, it’s important to be vigilant and watch out for potential scams. Protect your time, personal information, and privacy by being aware of these red flags that might indicate a less-than-reputable survey site:

  • Upfront Fees: One hallmark of legitimate survey sites is that they don’t ask you to pay anything to join. If a platform requires upfront fees or charges for access to surveys, it’s a major warning sign. Genuine survey opportunities should be free to participate in.
  • Unrealistic Earnings: While online surveys can provide a supplemental income stream, be wary of sites that promise exorbitant earnings with minimal effort. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate survey sites are transparent about potential earnings and don’t make unrealistic claims.
  • No Privacy Policy: Your privacy matters. Reputable survey platforms prioritize safeguarding your personal information. If a survey site lacks a clear and easily accessible privacy policy detailing how your data will be used and protected, it’s best to avoid it.
  • Request for Sensitive Info: Legitimate survey sites never ask for sensitive information like your social security number, credit card details, or other financial data. If a survey requests such information, it’s a clear red flag that the site may have malicious intentions.
  • Lack of Contact Information: Trustworthy survey sites provide multiple avenues for users to get in touch with their support teams. If a site lacks any form of contact information or makes it difficult to reach out, it’s a sign that they might not have your best interests in mind.
  • Poor User Reviews: Take the time to research user reviews and ratings for a survey site you’re considering. Consistently negative feedback, reports of unpaid earnings, or poor user experiences are strong indicators that the platform might not be reputable. Pay attention to what others have experienced before you invest your time.

Start to Take Paid Online Surveys Today

Ready to dive into the world of paid online surveys? This post has got you covered! We’ve explored the best legit survey platforms, giving you the opportunity to earn some extra bucks by voicing your opinions. From well-known names like Survey Junkie to the perks of Swagbucks and others, these platforms are your ticket to a side income. Why wait? Begin your survey journey today and start turning your thoughts into rewards.

Which money surveys are legit?

Legitimate survey options extend beyond the well-known names mentioned in the article. Look for platforms with established histories of fair payouts and positive user feedback. Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, and others are among the trusted options you can consider for legitimate money-making surveys.

Can you make a living doing surveys?

While paid surveys are among the easiest ways to make money on your phone and online, making a full living solely from surveys is unlikely. Surveys are more suitable as a supplemental income source, allowing you to earn extra cash by sharing your opinions and insights on various topics.

What survey site gives the most money?

The earnings from survey sites can vary widely based on factors like survey length, complexity, and the platform itself. Swagbucks is often mentioned for offering diverse earning opportunities beyond surveys. For example, you can make money watching ads and shopping. However, it’s important to manage expectations; no survey site is guaranteed to make you rich.

What is the highest-paying survey app?

When it comes to survey apps, Swagbucks tends to stand out as a platform that provides a variety of ways to earn, including surveys. However, the “highest paying” aspect can change based on your demographics, survey availability, and the effort invested. Remember that earnings may not be substantial, but they can certainly add up over time.

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