Zoom’s New AI Companion Capabilities Improve Analytics and Customer Experiences

Zoom’s  new AI Companion capabilities are aimed at enhancing connection, productivity, and collaboration across its platform. These updates, which span Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Whiteboard, and Zoom Meetings, integrate the generative AI assistant, AI Companion, into more facets of the Zoom experience, providing significant tools for administrators and contact center agents at no additional cost.

Mahesh Ram, head of AI at Zoom, highlighted the success and vision behind these enhancements, noting, “AI Companion has generated over 5 million meeting summaries since its launch in September 2023.” Ram emphasized the company’s commitment to developing AI features that bolster collaboration and productivity, enabling users to excel in their work. With the introduction of an analytics dashboard and AI Companion for the Zoom Contact Center, Zoom aims to support and empower more users to foster connections.

AI Companion Analytics for Administrators

The new analytics dashboard is designed to streamline the usage and adoption of AI Companion across organizations, offering admins insights into how the AI tools are being utilized within their teams. This feature allows administrators to monitor AI Companion’s usage and adoption, providing them with the data needed to offer additional support and maximize the assistant’s benefits.

Empowering Zoom Contact Centers with AI

Recognizing the critical role of AI in modern contact centers, Zoom has expanded the availability of AI Companion to include Zoom Contact Center. This integration aims to enhance customer interactions by summarizing chats and conversations for better agent understanding, generating post-call tasks for follow-up, and supporting speech analytics and live sentiment analysis.

New Capabilities to Streamline Workplace Communications

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Zoom’s commitment to reducing the friction of workplace communications is evident in its latest features, which minimize the need for app switching and reduce time spent on administrative tasks:

  • Team Chat: AI Companion can now detect the intent to schedule a meeting within Team Chat, generating a pop-up that leads to a pre-filled calendar invite based on the conversation’s content.
  • Whiteboard: The ability to create mind maps in Zoom Whiteboard has been enhanced with AI Companion, allowing users to visually organize ideas stemming from a central concept.
  • Meetings: In a move to make Zoom Meetings more inclusive, AI Companion will use the gender pronouns from attendees’ Zoom profiles when generating meeting summaries, acknowledging each participant’s identity.

Zoom’s latest AI enhancements are set to redefine how businesses and individuals use its platform for more effective and inclusive communication. By leveraging AI to improve analytics accessibility and make customer experiences more impactful, Zoom continues to lead in the integration of AI within video conferencing and collaboration tools. For more details on the AI Companion and its capabilities, visit the Zoom website.

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