33 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

33 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

As you build your company and website, you probably want to present something unique, something that is memorable about your company image. Many companies choose to create a logo to identify their brand and company. But often, creating an original logo when you are first starting out is too expensive.

So here are 33 logo creation applications or services that range in price from free to affordable. This list of free and paid services should help you find the best tools. One word of warning: Several of the “free” sites are free only for the creation process. Always read the fine print.

If you want to download the logo you’ve created and have unlimited use, there is a charge, and I tried to note when that occurs.  To be totally realistic, you could do some of this work yourself in Powerpoint or a decent drawing program, but there are small companies starting today that don’t have those software programs, and these mostly Web-based tools might appeal.

32 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

Free (or Mostly Free)

Supalogo is one of my favorites for creating a super-fast font-based logo. You type in your text, pick some options and hit download. You can even look at samples and click edit and start from there. Nicely done.

Logo Victory is a completely free logo design tool that lets you download a jpeg image. If you want other file formats, they have a small upgrade charge. They also offer paid services starting at $49. This was one of the only sites that offered a no-strings free logo.

Marketsplash is a completely free (with registration) logo design service. I was impressed with it. It is built and run by HP, which I mention in other places, but this tool lets you download a few different versions of your logo with a simple registration.

The Logo Creator is free logo creation software. No trial, no demo, fully free in return for a tweet. Yes, a tweet on Twitter and you can have their software for free. From the logos showcased on the site, it looks like a fairly robust application. The offer was tested and worked at the time of publishing this post.

CoolText lets you type out your company name and then choose different ways to stylize the font itself. Handy, fast and free if all you want is your name with a bit of energy to it.

Logo Ease offers a fully free logo creation tool. You have to register, but they let you create and download (they send you the link) the logo that you spent time creating. When you get your download link, it comes with instructions to include a link back to their site. They also offer paid services.

LogoCraft lets you select an icon from predefined categories, then add text and effects. Once it is ready, save the logo or download it for future use. You can access the logos you created anytime and edit them further. Very easy to use. They also offer a custom design service starting at $49.

Flaming Text is similar to CoolText, but I liked a few of their different options. I could see using sites like these for a young company, a nonprofit or a project. For some companies, this is all they might ever need.

Real World Graphics offers a few Web apps to help you create icons or favicons (those tiny little symbols you often see on websites and in social networks).

Sherv.net offers Icon Maker, which can be ideal for those who are building a company around their personal name and identity. It will let you take your photo into a cartoon-like drawing. It  might work well for those building a Facebook page, too. Admittedly, this one is more of a fun creation tool and not a serious branding option.

Logo Snap is another service that appears to be mostly free, but they do ask for a donation. They run a fee-based service called Logo Design Guru with packages starting at $149.

LogoYes has one of the more sophisticated tools for building a logo on your own. Their logo file package is $69. Creation of the logo is free and they let you keep changing it until you’re satisfied, then go through the registration process.

LogoBlog is a free logo creator similar to CoolText and Flaming Text. No registration, just download your completed font logo in a few different formats.

GRSites offers logo creation, text box creation (such as for a sidebar or additional column area on your blog or site), and other design features like textures. They do ask for a link back to their site, but offer some nifty tools.

VistaPrint, the well known print company, has a free logo creation service when you use it on one of their products, such as a business card. However, it is only $24.99 (at full retail, often discounted) and you get four versions of it: color, black and white, vertical and horizontal.

Tweak offers a completely free logo creator for a low-resolution JPEG image file. If you want a higher resolution JPEG or an EPS file for a high quality print job, you can purchase them for $9.95 and $29.95, respectively. Fast and easy to create, focused on font specific layouts, and you have to register to get to the download page.


LogoWorks is a service of HP (yes, the computer giant). They spell out a very detailed process, which inspires confidence. Plus, they have customer feedback and ratings right alongside each package choice. They have designed over 45,000 logos; packages start at $299. HP also offers LogoMaker, a free logo creation service with an upgrade plan of $49. It is not the same as the custom effort you get with Logoworks, however. Info available here on LogoMaker.

AAA Logo is software you can  purchase and run on your desktop. You can start with a free trial or purchase for $49. Good examples page to give you ideas about what’s possible.

Free Logo Services states that your logo is free to create, but for unlimited use the cost is $39.  I wasn’t sure how this would work, so I tested it. I didn’t get far because the terms and conditions state: “You may use this Site to generate a Logo that you may review and edit at no cost. You will then be offered the opportunity, for a fee, to purchase a package (the “Logo Package”) which includes the right to copy and use the Logo for your business…”  The tools may be worth it for you to try out. Logos start at $39.  It shows BBB reliability and 100,000+ satisfied customers.

LogoDesign Studio offers a designer-centric approach; you click on each designer’s portfolio to get an idea of their style. Packages start at $69.97.

LogoSmartz is a desktop logo creator that lets you build a logo from scratch or from hundreds of pre-built templates. There is a free trial, then it costs $39.95. They also offer a custom design logo service starting at $99.

Macware LogoDesign Studio is a desktop logo design software for the Mac. The basic edition starts at $34.99.

MyLogoMaker from Avanquest has 2,100 logo templates, 9,100+ shapes and objects, and comes with a business card software as a bonus feature. It has a free download trial, sells for $29.95, and has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Logogenie has online design tools for creating a company logo by yourself in under 5 minutes. All you have to do is enter your company name, choose your icon and customize your logo with a variety of tools and styling effects.
The Standard Logo Pack starts at $24.90 and it includes high definition file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF) for creating business cards, your website, apparel, signs and more.

Logo Mojo (a division of Deluxe) has a starter package at $195 which includes six concepts, two rounds of changes, and a three-day turnaround. They offer other artwork services, too, including Twitter backgrounds and Facebook profile images.

Logo Design Team stands on its in-house design team, as opposed to a freelance team of people spread around the globe. They offer a $149 start price. I found it interesting that they have a “logo repair” service where they will update your existing logo, refreshing it to something modern and hip.

Infinity Logo Design does a good job of explaining how the logo design process works and what you can expect. Their packages start at $99 and include unlimited revisions on the two concepts they provide you. There is a 100 percent guarantee.

Logoinn has a super budget category for startups: only $45 for one logo concept, but only one revision.  Of course, they have a 100 percent guarantee, so you’re safe in giving it a try. The little asterisk next to this package shows you get your money back within 21 days, not instantly.

99 Designs has a unique approach to logo design.  They create a contest. You describe your requirements, and dozens of designers submit logo design concepts for you to review. You provide feedback (which I presume creates revisions), and then you choose and pay for the one you like the best. Starts at $295.

Business Logo stood out because they have a brief questionnaire after you select a paid package (starts at $99) so that they can understand your business and vision.  While several others asked for you to share details this way, theirs was quick and focused.

Keep us posted on which tools and apps you use by sharing them in the comments.

UPDATE: For a updated list, check out this article titled, “43 Small Business Logo Design Services.”

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TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.