5 Franchises That Will Help You Think Spring

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I’m really not sure if people that live in places like Florida or Arizona get as excited about Spring as those of us in the Northern climates do. Maybe you can enlighten me.

In Cleveland, we take Spring very seriously. We’ve had months of dark, gloomy days. It can be pretty depressing. As a matter of fact, I’m getting depressed writing this short paragraph. I need some sunlight. Let’s take a look at 5 Spring season franchises that will help you (and me) think Spring.

5 Spring Season Franchises

Spring-Green Lawn Care

Spring-Green, a Plainfield, Illinois franchisor, has been delivering both traditional and organic lawn and tree care services; fertilization, weed and disease control to residential and commercial accounts since 1977.

This is a seasonal business where franchisees work really hard from December (where they are focused on marketing) until September-October, when their crews are finishing up with fall fertilization. Spring-Green advantages:

  • Low overhead
  • Established national pricing programs with key distributors
  • Skilled labor force
  • Top-notch equipment
  • Industry leading business software for scheduling, routing and invoicing
  • High customer renewal percentages

Lots of homeowners use lawn care services these days. Green lawns and healthy-looking shrubbery can enhance a home’s value. But there’s another benefit that a company like Spring-Green adds.

According to Project Evergreen, grass areas quickly affect people’s moods by creating feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness or happiness, and its yearly cycles of growth and color change lift human spirits.

America’s Swimming Pool Company

Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia started ASP in 2001. Since then, ASP has grown to 124 franchise locations in 13 states. ASP franchisees-along with their teams of trained professionals, provide residential and commercial properties with swimming pool solutions in over 200 cities throughout the country.

Services include weekly pool cleaning for homeowners, daily chemical checks for commercial properties such as apartments and country clubs, or complete renovations of existing swimming pools. Every franchisee in every protected area offers residential and commercial customers everything they need to maintain clean, safe swimming pools.

The total investment for an American Swimming Pool franchise ranges from $48,850 – $89,960, depending on the territory size which is based on the number of swimming pools in the area.

Kona Ice

When the weather warms up, large groups of people gather for events like local, city and county fairs, sporting events, music festivals and more.

Kona Ice franchisees serve up cups of shaved ice “as soft and fine as snow” to eager customers and then have them head on over to Kona Ice’s patented FLAVORWAVE dispensers where they can add any one of several delicious flavors to complete their frozen creations.

In addition to trucks, Kona Ice franchisees can purchase secondary products. Some venues aren’t very large, sometimes a smaller space is needed. That’s why Kona Ice offers mini-trucks, trailers, kiosks and even a stand-alone “Flavor Island,” so franchisees can bring their frozen desserts and fun anywhere.

The investment for a Kona Ice franchise, including a truck, is $99,800.


Summer camps, good ones, provide children with a myriad of activities and adventures all summer long. If you’ve been searching for an opportunity that’s seasonal, and fun, KIDCAM could be worth a look.

Founded in 1974 by Jim Stubbs, an educator, “the KIDCAM franchise model is built around a mission and goal to promote children’s physical, social and educational well-being in a safe, fun-filled camp environment.”

Franchisees operate a KIDCAM day camp for boys and girls that offer numerous activities, both on KIDCAM camp sites and during off-site field trips to zoos, aquariums, basketball clinics and more.

Franchisees are not required to own an actual campground. Instead, franchisees lease schools, playgrounds or country club facilities where they set up the KIDCAM program. The total investment is $30,000 and franchisees receive access to Kidcam’s software, on-going training and support. Camps can be owner-operated or manager-run businesses.

Golf Etc.

Golf is a $25 Billion industry, and although it’s a year-round sport in some locales, spring is really the time when golfers of all ages bring their golf clubs out of hibernation. One way to cash in on this growing sport is to provide the products and services that today’s golfers want-and in some cases, need.

Franchisees of Golf Etc. offer golfers an alternative to “big box” sporting goods retailers.

Franchising since 1995, Golf Etc. stores provide performance golf club fittings, professional repair and club/swing evaluations using a personalized approach along with proprietary software. Golf Etc. stores also offer pro-line equipment, bags, balls, and footwear, along with clothing and accessories.

The Golf Etc. retail franchise program offers the following:

  • Market analysis and site selection support
  • Comprehensive business plan
  • Assistance in loan process
  • Comprehensive training
  • Point of sale and inventory management system
  • Proprietary Better Golf Faster Software system
  • Retail store set-up

The total investment for a Golf Etc. franchise ranges from $325K – $451K.

I hope the Spring season franchises mentioned above will not only help you think Spring, but will open your mind to all of the possibilities that exist if you’re looking to buy a franchise this year.

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