50 Plus: Using Age as an Advantage in the World of Millennials


"50 Plus! Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life" is a career guide for the older "non-Millennial" generation who wants advice on how to navigate careers in the world of the fast-changing Millennial world. The book details how age, with the proper mindset and resources, can be a powerful asset for an incredible future for the rest of your working life.

50 Plus

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Written by a PR consultant, “50 Plus! Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life” is part conversation, part manual and part advice guide to navigating your personal brand and career map in the age of fast-moving business world of Millennials.

What “50 Plus” is About

Like another book reviewed on Small Business Trends — “Ageless Entrepreneur: Never Too Early, Never Too Late” — “50 Plus” tackles the issue and obstacle of age, although with a different focus. The focus, however, is not on the feel-good motivation that you can start a business at any age. The focus is on using your age (specifically ages 50 and over) to your advantage.

Robert L. Dilenschneider uses his background in public relations to help readers find their advantage. For Dilenschneider, the key to aging smarter is business is two things, transformation and presentation.

The business world, as Dilenschneider shares in a frank way, is not like it used to be. The world of working for a single employer with a big retirement at the end are slipping into the past. In its place is a world where job hopping is more common, diversity is more present, and personal branding is more important than ever.

Despite the changes in the business world, the same foundation that helped business owners in the “old days” are effective now. Self-presentation, keeping informed, and being a resource are still relevant. The difference, “50 Plus” is in this foundation is maintained.

Back in the old days, it was common for a worker to spend his or her life at one job. Since this is becoming more and more rare, Dilenschneider suggests readers shouldn’t wail over the loss. Instead, he suggests readers should get ready. Know the red flags that indicate your job may be in jeopardy (given in Chapter 4). Know your options (the last half of the book) and craft the right message.

Overall, “50 Plus” points out, age in business is not the obstacle that the stereotypes suggest. It can be a powerful asset for building an incredible career or business.

About the Author

Robert L. DIlenschneider is an author,PR consultant, and founder of The Dilenschneider Group with an extensive background in communications and public relations.

What was Best About “50 Plus?”

The best part of “50 Plus” was the latter half of the book, specifically from the fourth chapter to the end of the book. The book provides excellent guerrilla marketing tactics for any career professional of any age on how to deal with modern day career issues like transitioning to a new career,resume, and interview tips that aren’t cliche or focused on trivial matters, like whether to use stars or bullets on your resume.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

The disadvantage of “50 Plus” lies in its focus on target audience (which really isn’t a bad thing), middle to upper class workers with a college degree. Because of that focus, some of the advice might not be applicable to all readers. All readers will benefit from something in every single chapter, however.

Why Read “50 Plus”

There are two reasons to read this book:

(1) “50 Plus” offers a career and PR guide for the 50+ audience, something that isn’t discussed a lot, although it should be. Baby Boomers and previous generations have a powerful presence in the work force and could use the suggestions from “50 Plus!”.

(2) “50 Plus” offers straightforward advice on the little things most resume books don’t gives advice on the uncertain period between “Am I getting fired?” and “Should i leave first?” and how to utilize that moment for your career’s future.

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