Want To Get Your Content Noticed? Read “51 Content Marketing Hacks”


Creating content that is fresh, captures the attention of your audience, and stands out from all the other content in existence can be quite a challenge. “51 Content Marketing Hacks” is packed full of ideas and techniques which will help any type of business come up with unique and memorable content regardless of the type of media they choose to use.

51 Content Marketing Hacks

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Today, social media and printed media play a huge part in the marketing of a business. As a result, there is an endless amount of content produced every day, content which is created in the hope that it will attract and secure more customers for the business concerned.

Such a volume of content means that for the consumer the content must be both persuasive and capture their interest otherwise it will simply be ignored. “51 Content Marketing Hacks” aims to provide a practical insight into the various methods that can help to make your marketing content stand out from the rest.

What is “51 Content Marketing Hacks” About?

“51 Content Marketing Hacks” provides practical advice on the type of marketing content businesses should aim to produce if their efforts are to be rewarded. With the world, and especially the Internet, now heavily over populated with marketing content, only the best and most engaging content will produce the desired results for a brand or business.

Many businesses fail to create the correct type of content, or believe that as long as there is some kind of content for the business out there, then it is bound to produce results. This is a misconception, and as the author states:

“Content marketing is the creation (or curation) of engaging content for the express purpose of gaining the attention and favor of a certain group, so that they will be persuaded to do business with an individual, business, or organization.”

He further states that:

“The first, and most challenging, step is to create content that’s magnetic; i.e., content that people will be attracted to and want to share with others.”

In “51 Content Marketing Hacks” Scott Aughtmon has provided 51 hacks to producing better marketing content. Each hack is described and accompanied with at least one example of how the hack was used to achieve the intended goal of the marketer. An array of companies and interesting strategies and media types that they used are included in the book.

A bonus for the reader is that the author has also provided numerous links to the content which he mentions thus enabling the reader to further understand how the marketing content was presented to the consumer.

About the Author

Before studying and writing about content marketing and the best practices to use, Scott Aughtmon (@rampbusinesses) worked as a youth pastor. He is noted for the highly regarded infographic, “21 Types of Content We Crave.” As well as writing his own blogs, he contributes regularly to contentmarketinginstitute.com and now works as a business strategist, speaker, content creation specialist and consultant.

What Was Best About “51 Content Marketing Hacks”?

51 hacks may not sound like many, but the depth into which the author has explained and shown examples of each of them in action, and also provided the links to the relevant content making use of the specific hack is particularly helpful. What is also noteworthy is that the hacks are related to a variety of different business types. As a result, I would be surprised if there are not at least a handful of hacks that any owner of a business could see as being advantageous to use for their own marketing purposes.

As the book is quite a long book, Mr. Aughtmon has additionally listed and summarized each of the 51 hacks at the end of the book which makes it easy to use as a quick reference.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

While it is great that the author has added hyperlinks to help underline the points he is making or to the articles on the Internet that he is referring to, with the Internet there is always the risk of broken links. Unfortunately, some of the links included in “51 Content Marketing Hacks” were not working at the time I wrote this review. Screen prints for a number of the examples referred to have also been included.

However, due to the number of links contained in the book I can understand why the author found it necessary to use hyperlinks rather than images alone.

Why Read “51 Content Marketing Hacks”

Whether you are a small or large business, “51 Content Marketing Hacks” will provide you with tips, methods, and practical ideas on how to make your content that much more appealing to your intended audience.

There are few, if any, businesses today where the use of content marketing is not an appropriate and effective method to help increase sales and revenue. With this in mind and due to the volume of content, the content that a business creates really does need to stand out from the rest. Whatever type of business that you own or run, there is something for everybody contained in this extremely practical book.

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John Blunden John Blunden is a Book Reviewer for Small Business Trends. He is a British writer now living in South Africa where he successfully owned and ran a variety of businesses for several years before deciding to take up his passion for writing.