6 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know About 5G

6 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know About 5G in 2020

By 2025, the number of 5G subscriptions will reach 2.61 billion. If you’re a small business that hasn’t taken steps to get ready for this fifth generation wireless technology, the time is now.

5G in 2020

Here’s 6 things small business owners need to know about 5G in 2020.

You’ll Get Faster Connections

This is good news if you’re an e-commerce business. Even if you’re an Omni channel enterprise or a brick-and-mortar with an online presence, 5G is good. It will allow you to have a larger faster web presence.

Sarah Franklin of Blue Tree AI looks at the big picture.

“With faster downloads and uploads available business people, hospitals, airports, everyone will be able to generate a faster service,” she writes. “And have options for huge growth in the development of their career.”

Just how fast will 5G be? Experts are saying up to 100x faster than 4G. Check out these speed tests.

You’ll Have More IoT Options

Jack McCarthy is the account coordinator at Stanton PRM. He says that 5G will allow small businesses to add more IoT devices. Like alarms, printers, shipping trackers and inventory control tools.

“Small business owners likely already have IoT devices in their stores/offices and 5G connectivity will exponentially increase the number and speed,” he writes.

Bottom line includes aspects like big utilities savings and more efficient supply networks.

You’ll Be Able to Lower Your Overhead

McCarthy explains:

“5G connectivity will allow workers to do their job from anywhere, at near-zero latency.”

As a result, Small businesses will be able to decrease the number of on-site workers and increase their gig economy presence.

5G Will Crush Latency

Basically, latency is the time it takes data to be uploaded. With the current 4G network it’s around 50 ms (milliseconds) 5G scores less than 30ms according to Verizon.

It’s a big deal for small businesses because cloud SaaS services will be quicker. And that’s just one advantage. The faster the Internet speed for your business, the more you get done.

You’ll Get Better Security and Innovation

Monique Becenti, channel and product specialist at SiteLock explains how 5G will help businesses to stay safe and profitable.

“With 5G, businesses can speed up their innovation processes and production time as well as boost  cybersecurity,” she writes.

“It allows businesses to utilize the IoT and other computing applications to more effectively analyze data, detect threats and enhance cybersecurity for the end-user.”

As a result, small businesses can try different things with confidence. For example, with faster safer Internet, technologies like 3-D printing are more attractive for manufacturing and design businesses.

You’ll Need To Decide If You Need It

The final cautionary word goes to Simon Hansen from Home Brew Advice.

“As a digital entrepreneur, I can definitely say that I’m excited about the numerous improvements that a 5G connection has in store for my business,” he writes. “Though I believe that 5G is worth investing in that might not be the same for other niches. Business should assess their needs and not adopt it right away.”

Remember, 5G isn’t replacing 4G completely.

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