7 Things You May Not Know About Me

7 things About MeI’ve succumbed to the “7 things you don’t know about me” meme, thanks to Liam Delahunty at the Online Sales blog.

Usually I try to avoid these kinds of articles, but it seemed to me this might be a nice ice-breaker and get people talking. If we all share a little something about ourselves, we’ll get to know one another.  Right?

So I am kicking things off by sharing 7 facts about myself.  At the end of this article I will ask you to share something about yourself, in the comments section.  And I’ve also tagged 7 other people to share seven things about themselves.

So here goes with the things you might not know about me or haven’t guessed:

  • I live in a small town in Ohio outside of Cleveland, not far from the world’s largest Amish settlement.  The grocery store I shop at is a sort of quasi-Amish grocery store.
  • I have always liked to work.  Never do I have trouble staying motivated.  Occasionally, however, I go through creative dry patches and have to try to get my “groove” back.
  • I love my iPod Touch!  It’s a great personal entertainment device that keeps me sane when traveling. I bought a cord that allows me to listen to it in the car from my stereo speakers.
  • Mostly I am for free market capitalism and against socialism.  I dislike Big Government, but I also believe that some regulations and government programs (such as social security to keep older folks from living on the streets) strike a good balance in a civilized society.  Although I am quick to lend a helping hand to a friend, relative or colleague, the idea that anyone in our society EXPECTS a handout or feels entitled, rubs me the wrong way.
  • I’ve never had trouble earning a living — but, I’ve usually had to work hard and have never made money the “easy way” if there is such a thing.  The easiest money I’ve made in a long time was when someone sent me an unsolicited bid to buy a domain name I owned.  I made $500 just by answering a few emails.  Not big money, but certainly easy money ….
  • I am an INTJ in Myers Briggs personality assessments.  And if you believe in astrology, you may be interested to know I’m a Scorpio.  I believe the Myers Briggs stuff to be valuable in understanding yourself and others, so that you can adjust your behavior and communication style to get along with others in the workplace and in life.  However, I find astrology to be more of an amusement than hard science.
  • I like Himalayan cats because they are gentle and affectionate.  I have two of them.  They do, however, need to be brushed daily and they shed a lot.

Did I surprise you with any of these facts about myself?

Now let’s hear from you.  In the comments section below, share one fact about yourself — the more obscure the better. That way we can get to know you a little better!

And at this point, I’d like to tag 7 members of this community to write their own “7 things” post:

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