8 Must Read Leadership Bloggers

Every young entrepreneur needs someone to look up to — someone who’s been there, done that, and whose experience provides important lessions.


Thankfully, there are plenty of great brains and business leaders who share those experiences and lessons online. But which voices are the best when it comes to management and leadership? We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only nonprofit organization comprised of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs, this question:

“Who are the best bloggers to read for advice on improving your management leadership skills?”

Here’s what the YEC community had to say.

1. John Maxwell

“I recommend checking out John Maxwell on Leadership. John Maxwell is an expert on leadership who’s sold over 19 million copies of his books. His blog content is just as powerful as his books.” ~ Ben Lang, MySchoolHelp

2. Dave Gardner

“Dave Gardner, author and business consultant, writes one of the best blogs on business execution over at Fast Company. He is one of few elite consultants in the US, and shares incredible wisdom that businesses spend incredible amounts of money for.” ~ Danny WongBlank Label Group, Inc.

3. Josh Kaufman

“Josh Kaufman is a constant source of learning and inspiration for me as an entrepreneur and manager. He started The Personal MBA as an alternative to the traditional MBA path in his own life, and it has since spun off into a full online course, book, blog and excellent curated reading list.” ~ Allie Siarto, Loudpixel

4. Seth Godin

“He’s the king for a reason. If there is one blog you should be reading, its Seth Godin.” ~ Josh Weiss, Bluegala

5. Derek Sivers

Derek’s Sivers’ blog tells the lessons he learned going from a one-man show to running a huge organization that he ended up selling for millions. His creative, unorthodox approach is a welcomed change in leadership blogging.” ~ Laura Roeder, LKR

6. Mark Suster

“Mark writes at Both Sides of the Table. He’s been a successful entrepreneur, and is now a venture capitalist. He consistently provides unique perspectives on being a leader and manager vis-a-vis all of a start-up’s constituents: customers, clients, investors and partners.” ~ Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches

7. Eben Pagan

“If you want to learn how to be a leader, you’ll first have to work on developing your inner self to become someone who people look to follow. Eben Pagan’s blog and mailing list covers topics lots of personal development topics and is based on the theory that you first have to master yourself before you lead others.” ~ Matt Wilson, Under30CEO

8. Jason Seiden

“Jason is the CEO of Ajax Social Media, a company dedicated to improving the way professionals work. He’s spent the last ten years consulting to Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs on communication and leadership issues. At Jason Seiden, you will find an informative blog that is updated regularly and is sure to help improve your management leadership skills.” ~ Anthony Saladino, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

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The Young Entrepreneur Council The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

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  1. Thank you for the great insight. All of the materials mentioned above seem interesting resources for every entrepreneur and manager leading growing businesses.

  2. 8 Men…?

  3. Figures that the day this list goes up, my blog highlights a post showing off the ridiculous vanity plates I just got.

    Thanks for the shout out—I’ll bring the goods for you tomorrow.

    Felice, this one’s for you: http://jasonseiden.com/women-have-more-of-what-it-takes-to-lead/

  4. Haha – I agree with Felice. I wish we had women represented! However, I love that you’re recommending these blogs. I read most of them and will add the other two I don’t.

  5. Excellent article thanks for sharing it.. Good to see about group of best bloggers at one place which improve management leadership skills.. Thanks once again for sharing it..

    Sowrabh Sharma “Sab”

  6. Where are the women? It’s a great list, but with no women it lost credibility. What does it say that the members of the YEC couldn’t find any women leaders/bloggers to nominate?

  7. Very good list. Of course we’ve all heard of John Maxwell and Seth Godin but there are several new bloggers I’ve never heard of. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the list, great stuff here!

  9. I follow many of these blogs, but not all and appreciate the new suggestions.

  10. This is a terrific list. Thanks. John Maxwell’s is my favorite from your list.

  11. Transformational MBA

    Perfect eight, making leadership date !!

  12. Have a read of http://www.leadership-principles.com
    Simple pragmatic leadership advice from an experienced leader


  13. These are wonderful sources of leadership ideas, trends and concepts. Everyone who aspires to a leadership role should concentrate on as many of them as possible. Another important source, from my view, his history. I believe we can learn as much, if not more, from leaders of the past as those of today.

    My latest book, Profiles in Leadership from Caesar to Modern Times deals with leadership secrets, leadership traits and lessons we can learn today from Julius Caesar, Augustus, Napoleon, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher and Oprah Winfrey. It includes their inspiring words and thoughts and the common denominators of great leaders. I would welcome comments on the book. Perhaps we can open a discussion on some of the points raised in it.

  14. Would appreciate your thoughts on my company’s blog: http://www.GoMindSet.com/blog. Thanks!

  15. The great 8. Some new ones on there for me, thanks for putting this together.

  16. Great insight, but we also need to infuse more and more women in the list, gender equality is key in the modern world.