A Custom Search Engine for Your Site in Five Minutes

Google Co-Op Search EngineA short while ago I discovered an interesting insurance blog, with just the kind of thought-provoking articles I find helpful. But it had no site search. I wanted to explore all the archives, but right then I did not have time to scroll through each month’s archives for the past year.

A few minutes later, I went to another another blog. It had a solution that the first blog could have benefited by: Google Co-Op Custom search.

I saw Google Co-Op in practice via a post at Tech Without Wires, a blog about the mobile office. Elwyn Jenkins explains how he created a custom Google search engine for that blog using the Google Co-Op Custom Search Engine.

At first I was skeptical. I usually don’t bother with the traditional Google “search this site” boxes. All they ever seem to bring up are the pages that Google has indexed in a site. Usually that means some small number of pages and certainly not the recent ones.

But Google’s Co-Op Custom Search Engine is different. I did some random testing, plugging in phrases specific to recent posts at Tech Without Wires (within the past week). The Google Custom Search Engine brought up every single page.

Google Co-Op Custom Search Engine not only searches your site, but it also will search sites that you link to or are reading.

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