AdAmp Helping Small Business Advertise on Streaming TV and Video Services

businesses with the opportunity to feature their brand

AdAmp is a one-stop advertising platform that makes it possible for small businesses to feature their brand on leading streaming and cable networks for as little as $25 per day.

Most small business owners think advertising on TV is beyond their budget. And this has left them out from experiencing the power of TV advertising. AdAmp looks to provide small businesses with the opportunity to harness this power and grow their brand using TV ads.

AdAmp Connects Small Business to Streaming TV Advertising

The new platform is specifically designed to simplify the process of video buying on leading cable and streaming networks for SMBs and agencies. In the past, the cost along with the complexity of placing an ad on TV limited the growth of small businesses. AdAmp addresses both points in the new platform.

And the launch comes at a time when businesses of all sizes are poised to experience explosive growth in the upcoming recovery period of the waning days of the pandemic and beyond.

In addressing this very issue, Stephen Saper, founder and CEO of AdAmp said this in the press release. “All of us have witnessed the struggle local businesses experienced over the last year as a result of the pandemic and I am excited about the opportunity AdAmp has to help the local businesses accelerate recovery by leveraging the power of TV advertising.”

The self-service platform will provide SMBS with:

  • Audience campaign planning
  • Creative services
  • Portfolio of premium, brand-safe inventory from leading TV streaming, cable, and broadcast providers
  • Built-in reporting with full delivery transparency, attribution and ROI

With AdAmp Advertiser will:

  • Have the ability to set flexible budgets
  • Have confidence in connecting with their target audiences via local zip-code targeting
  • Experience simple campaign management
  • Have real-time measurement and reporting

The Workflow

The AdAmp workflow is a step-by-step process starting with Plan and Launch, Design and Customize, and Track and Measure. Within these steps you can:

  • Set the budget, target the right audience, choose your partners, and upload the ad before you launch.
  • Use the AdAmp platform to choose from ready-made designs to make your ad. You can also ask for AdAmp to help you create one.
  • Track the campaign progress, review your results in real-time and get a chance to download all your data to help you plan the next campaign.

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