Adobe Announces Flash End Date, New Features from Wix and HostGator Unveiled

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Business tools come and go. This week, Adobe finally announced the date for the death of Flash — a technology that has had a huge impact on the online experience for years. But businesses also got news about some new business tools from providers like Wix and HostGator.

Read more about these updates and other small business headlines in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Technology Trends

Adobe Starts the Death Clock on Flash But What Impact Does it Have on Your Business?

Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) has finally set the date for the death of Flash, and it is December 31, 2020. The pioneering technology was responsible for powering games and multimedia content on web pages. While it introduced a new level of engagement to websites, it failed to adapt and calculate the impact of mobility.

Wix Releases Code – A New Custom Design Feature for Web Developers

Wix (NASDAQ:WIX) just released a brand new coding tool for businesses and individuals seeing to create their own custom websites and web applications. The new feature is called Code. And with it, you can create your own custom elements to build the exact website you envision for your business.

HostGator Launches New Dedicated Server Platform 4 Times Faster Than Before

A web hosting company uses servers and networks to transfer your website information whenever someone types in your address. The faster the hardware and infrastructure is, the faster it will load on your computer or smartphone. HostGator just announced a significant upgrade to its hardware with its latest line of dedicated servers.

Tomorrow’s Office May Be Expandable to Suit Your Needs — or May Not Exist at All

Offices might look very different in 10 years. Some new tech innovations are bringing about new possibilities for businesses. And you may even have some completely different options to choose from. First, take the case of Meta, a startup that is working to integrate augmented reality into the modern workplace.

What Could the New Google News Feed Mean for Businesses?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just introduced a new and improved feed feature to its Google app. The Google News Feed allows users to completely customize what they see based on selected topics and search activity. And this new feature could potentially have an impact on businesses.


5 Challenges Facing Cattle Ranchers Right Now

America’s cattle ranchers are watching the new deal for beef exported to China closely.  The first U.S. shipments began arriving there July 16.  Buzz Tatom is a Partner and Ranch Sales Associate at Venture West Ranches in Montana.  Tatom spoke with Small Business Trends about the challenges facing ranchers now considering the latest news.

95 Percent of Small Businesses Are Focused on Tax Relief, Survey Says

Tax relief is on top of U.S. small business owners’ wish lists. NWYC Q2 2017 Small Business Sentiment Index That’s according to the Q2 2017 Small Business Sentiment Index from National Write Your Congressman (NYWC). The survey found an overwhelming majority of small businesses (95 percent) saying they would like Congress to act on tax relief and simplification.


Wisconsin Company Offers Optional Microchips for Employees — Would Your Business?

Would you ask your employees to implant a microchip into their hands? Do you think they’d even agree to it? One tech company in Wisconsin is taking this step. Three Square Market has offered employees the option of being microchipped, which could allow them to easily enter the office, unlock their devices and even make payments.

Talent Gap Puts Small Private Practice Doctors Offices in Tough Hiring Position

One thing threatening the future of health care at the local level is a private practice’s ability to attract top talent. Small Business Healthcare Recruiting Trends Without nurses and the staff needed to run a small doctor’s office, it’s more likely that the healthcare landscape will continue to shift to larger companies.

Marketing Tips

42 Percent of Internet Users in the US Are Regular Fast Food Eaters

Almost half of U.S. internet users patronize fast food restaurants regularly, according to a recent study. The study is part of an infographic from GlobalWebIndex. The infographic states that 42 percent of internet users in the U.S. are regular eaters of fast food, making it one of the biggest markets for fast food restaurants in the world.

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 App for LinkedIn

Microsoft-owned professional network LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) announced recently a new app that is deeply integrated into Windows 10 OS and accessible through Windows 10 Start Menu and task bar. “Every month millions of professionals around the world access LinkedIn using a web browser on Windows 10,” said LinkedIn’s Product Manager Hermes Alvarez.

Retail Trends

Trend: How Your Business Can Profit from Sparkling Water

This summer, the cold beverage of choice may not be soda or iced tea like it has been in the past. Instead, more and more consumers are reaching for sparkling water. In fact, the Beverage Marketing Corporation has projected sparkling water sales to increase by more than 20 percent in 2017, according to a report from Yahoo Finance.

McDonald’s UberEATS Partnership Shows Power of Convenience

Want a Big Mac delivered to your front door? Now you can, thanks to McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) recent partnership with UberEATS. For a fee of $4.99, customers can order McDonald’s menu items for delivery, which should normally take between five and 15 minutes. This is a convenient new option for fast food buyers, who are already apt to value convenience.

Chipotle’s Ongoing Health Issues Could Drag the Brand Down

Chipotle’s PR nightmare is far from over. The company has seemingly had to deal with crisis after crisis over the last couple of years due mainly to food safety issues at its restaurants. And a couple of recent incidents have reignited customer worries.

FTC Charges Online Trampoline Sellers for Phony Reviews – But Forgo Stiffer Penalties

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is sending out another warning to unscrupulous marketers who try to manipulate consumers with fake reviews. The warning accompanies the charging two brothers the FTC says posted deceptive ads and endorsements of trampolines they were selling online.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Legacy Advantage Wants to Be a New Kind of Bookkeeper

A good bookkeeper can be hard to come by. And that’s a problem that one entrepreneur learned throughout the course of his career, leading to him starting his own bookkeeping brand — Legacy Advantage. Read more about the company and what sets it apart in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Provides bookkeeping services in a trustworthy way.

Small Business Loans

How Does Your State Stack Up for Small Business Loan Approval? Study Reveals More

If you’re based in New Jersey, you’re most likely to be approved for a small business loan. That’s according to a new report by Biz2Credit, which has identified New Jersey as the top state for small business loan approval rates. The report found nearly one-quarter (23.4 percent) of funding requests made by New Jersey-based businesses were approved by lenders.

Big Bank Lending for Small Businesses Returns to Post-Recession Highs

Small business loan approval rates at big banks recovered in June. According to the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index, loan approval rates at big banks improved two-tenths of a percent to 24.3 percent, matching an all-time index high.

Small Business Operations

Zoho One Launched: New All in One Pricing for Zoho Apps

Zoho just announced Zoho One, a new all-in-one suite of applications to help small businesses run essentially all aspects of their operations. Think of Zoho One as a bundle of existing Zoho applications delivered in one central place, with an exciting new pricing model that small businesses will love.


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