ADP Introduces Roll, a “Reimagined Way to Do Payroll” for Small Business

Reimagined Way to Do Payroll

As small businesses navigate their way out of the pandemic, there is a growing demand for technologies that make processes and procedures more efficient.

In walks a new payroll app named Roll.

Roll is delivered by ADP, specialists in helping organizations of all sizes unlock their potential through advanced technology and cloud-based solutions.

The payroll app enables small business owners to run payroll from anywhere and at any time. They can do so quickly and compliantly without any previous experience. Roll features an artificial intelligence-backed conversational interface. This intuitive interface allows entrepreneurs who are stuck for time to complete payroll in seconds. They simply need to make a voice a prompt like “run my payroll” and the do-it-yourself app guides users through the process.

ADP Launches Roll for Small Business Payroll from Anywhere

The pandemic has created rafts of challenges for small businesses. To navigate the challenges and recover from the impact of the pandemic, small businesses need make adaptations to operations to help create greater efficiency and productivity.

While vital, payroll tasks are notoriously time-consuming. Spending hours on inefficient payroll processes means precious time is lost. Such time could be spent more valuably on tasks related to growing a business, increasing productivity, and ultimately making it more profitable.

Utilizing tech like the Roll app helps businesses streamline mundane and time-consuming tasks. With more time on their hands, small business owners can be better prepared to navigate their way out of these challenging times with greater success.

Joe DeSilva, president of small business solutions at ADP, spoke of the need for small businesses to eliminate time-consuming tasks.

“Small business owners have been impacted by the pandemic in a way we are never seen in our history. As they continue to rebuild, the last thing an employer needs is to focus time and resources on another process that can be arduous or perceived as cost-prohibitive. Roll by ADP completely upends the way small businesses will think about payroll by turning it into an experience as familiar as having a conversation with a friend. There’s nothing else out there remotely like it,” said DeSilva.

Roll replaces complex forms and static spreadsheets with an app that mimics a conversational chat exchange. The chat-based interface runs anytime and anywhere, and on any device in less than a minute.

No Training Required

Small businesses don’t have to devote time to training, as Roll requires no preliminary training prior to use. The app requires a one-time set-up, which takes just 15 minutes.

Users can add employees, alter salaries, offer promotions, and much more with the app. Employees can use Roll to update their personal information and access pay statements. Live, in-app chat support offers real-time help.

Maintaining Compliance with Pay Regulations

With pay regulations constantly updating, it’s important small business stay up-to-date with changing legislation. Roll helps businesses maintain compliance through regular updates about any changes to pay regulations.

Another welcome feature of the Roll app is notification of when it’s payday!

Roll is available to small businesses in the US. The introductory pricing is $17 per month plus $5 per employee.

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