The Advantages of Small Businesses

Seth Godin says it is better to be small, as long as you think big.

In two posts Seth explains why small businesses are so popular. He also explains the advantages of being a small business and why small business owners make the choices they do. He writes:

“For the last six years, I’ve had exactly one employee. Me. This has changed my worklife in ways that I hadn’t predicted. The biggest changes are:
1. the kind of project that’s “interesting” is now very different. It doesn’t have to be strategic or scalable or profitable enough to feed an entire division. It just has to be interesting or fun or good for my audience.

2. the idea of risk is different as well. I can write an ebook and launch it in some crazy way and see what happens. I can build a dot com enterprise with a questionable business model and just see what happens. Because my costs are a whisker compared to a large organization, there’s just no comparison in the way I can approach something (compared to, say, a publisher).

Does this mean that little companies just do little things? Of course not.”

Check out Small is the New Big and More on Small. They present a very interesting viewpoint about small businesses.

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