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Anita Campbell is the Editor of Small Business Trends. Her opinion is widely quoted, including by these fine publications:

- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

-- Philadelphia Inquirer

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

- Democrat and Chronicle

- Cool Cleveland

- Marketing Sherpa Wisdom 2005

- CFRA Radio

- Only Punjab


Get your product or service in front of 20,000 highly-targeted small business and corporate professionals.

We attract information-hungry readers through original content from industry experts (examples here and here) and through niche trends commentary that is difficult to find elsewhere (examples here and here).

You can advertise on Small Business Trends at a fraction of the cost of larger sites. On larger sites your ad may be buried several pages deep, or have to compete with too many other ads.


As of February 1, 2005:
  • Small Business Trends and TrendTracker sites: 20,000+ visitors and 35,000 page views per month -- and growing fast!
  • Newsletter: over 1,100 double opt-in, targeted email addresses. Growing by 10% monthly.
  • RSS feed subscribers: estimated 750 - 1,000


  • Small business owners and managers; start-up entrepreneurs; corporate marketing and sales managers; and service professionals such as attorneys, accountants and consultants who serve small businesses.
  • Most of them are responsible for making or influencing purchase decisions about B-to-B products and services.
  • Over 75% are from the United States. Others are from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, India and the Pacific Rim.
  • Age range is primarily 25 to 55.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs include the following sub-groups: women business owners; Baby Boomer entrepreneurs; business services firms; stay-at-home Mom entrepreneurs; high tech entrepreneurs; immigrant entrepreneurs; online and brick-and-mortar retailers; independent professionals such as management consultants, authors, and freelancers; franchise owners; and global small businesses.
  • Small Business Trends is followed by many journalists and market analysts who track the small business market, giving your ads broader impact.


On Small Business Trends and TrendTracker Sites (both included):

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On Newsletter (example here):

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We offer package deals that include audiocasts on a sister site called SMBTrendWire.com. Price = $350. Includes:

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We offer significant discounts for multi-month placements: 15% off for 3-month commitments; 20% for 6-month commitments.

All creative is subject to approval. We are unable to accept Flash and animated ads.

You may pay with credit card or bank transfer, via PayPal. Once your order is placed we will issue a PayPal invoice -- the process is easy and fast. Prices subject to change in the future.

Email Anita for more information.

Or try me on AOL or Yahoo Instant Messenger. Screen name = smallbiztrends

THANK YOU for considering Small Business Trends!

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