Customers Prefer Brands with a Friendly Voice on Social Media

adzooma social media survey


A new survey by Adzooma found 55.7% of people would unfollow a brand because of the way they spoke online. The research tried to show what customers actually feel about brands with strong personalities and how it would influence their purchasing decisions.  

Businesses portray their personalities through the way their brand speaks, its visuals, and even in their customer service policies. It is important because it helps the brand to clearly define its personality in order to resonate with its consumers.  

With the surge in online buying in the wake of COVID-19 brands are more important than ever. Besides seeing a boom in local buying around a third of households say they have also increased their digital spending. One of the main drivers here is that customers are buying more emotionally these days by aligning with brands they have a sentimental attachment with.

A strong brand personality is a great way for a business to get noticed online. In fact 57.5% of customers would buy from brands with strong personalities. A further 51.2% of consumers have purchased from a brand because of the way they spoke online. Only almost a third (29.9%) have admitted they wouldn’t be swayed by either brand or personality.

What Kind of Brand Personalities Do Customers Want?

  • 13.1% of people prefer a professional tone
  • 13.1% of people preferred a fun or ‘quirky’ tone
  • 2.4% of people preferred a sarcastic tone
  • 21.4% of people prefer a mixture of all

Why friendly brand personalities matter: Businesses need to give their brand a friendly face. This is because it helps ease communications and engagement with customers. A brand personality helps customers to relate to the characteristics at a human level based on shared ideals.

A friendly personality helps Customers become more loyal and make them feel they can trust a brand.


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