Spotlight: AzureDesk Offers Affordable Help Desk Software

Spotlight: AzureDesk Offers Affordable Help Desk Software

Customer service is an essential function for any business. But it’s not always easy to manage. You need to have an actual system for helping your customers solve a wide variety of issues and concerns.

That’s exactly the problem that AzureDesk aims to help small businesses solve. You can read more about the helpdesk software and the company behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Creates help desk software.

Roma Shah, AzureDesk product owner told Small Business Trends, “AzureDesk is a cloud based helpdesk software aimed at small to medium business (SMEs). The software has all the “must have” features of enterprise class helpdesk solutions offered to smaller business at minimal costs to users.”

Business Niche

No tier pricing.

Shah says, “AzureDesk serves as an Investment and not cost for the business. We believe in giving equal opportunity to each and every customer at the same cost.”

How the Business Got Started

Out of another business need.

Shah explains, “We use to run an integration service which is connecting cloud based applications. We have quite a few paying customers and like any other business, we have to field and answer customer queries daily. Initially, we used email to manage customer tickets through a complicated system of filters and automatic replies. That didn’t scale up very well and that’s when we decided to build our own helpdesk software and AzureDesk was born.”

Biggest Win

Getting a BizSpark Plus membership from Microsoft with 120k worth of cloud credit.

Shah says, “As we are totally bootstrapped this credit helped us immensely to scale ourselves and invest in hiring better candidates. In addition to this the Roadmap to product development from idea to implementation was flawless because of the right team and software tools. Also our entire team is remotely working in five different cities in different time zones thereby giving us diversity.”

Lesson Learned

Hire the right people.

Shah says, “One thing that I would do differently is that I wasted almost six months of my time trying to improvise on a wrong recruit; So I would go back and rather hire a correct candidate and utilize my energy on product rather than using my energy to channelize a resource.”

Spotlight: AzureDesk Offers Affordable Help Desk Software

Communication Strategy


Shah says, “Since our entire team works remotely; we have never met them in person; our main source of communication is Slack.”

Favorite Quote

“The three keys to business success are People, Process and Product.” – Marcus Lemonis

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Images: AzureDesk; Top Image: Roma Shah

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