Spotlight: Teamfluent Teaches Teams with Agile Learning

Spotlight: Teamfluent Helps Teams with Agile Learning

If you want to succeed in business, you need to be constantly learning. And if you have a small business team, you need your team members to be able to learn as well. That’s why Teamfluent offers a unique learning solution for teams.

You can read more about the business and its philosophy below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides learning tools for businesses.

CEO Ilie Ghiciuc told Small Business Trends, “With Teamfluent you can organize learning items in your Learning Board, you can Create Courses, manage Trainings and view learning Stats and Reports.”

Business Niche

Agile learning.

Ghiciuc explains, “In an agile learning environment, team leaders can ensure that every team member goes through a structured onboarding program, that they have access to company information and that they create a learning plan with clear goals, that can be tracked and measured. Workers retain the flexibility to learn at their own pace, while collaborating to achieve their learning goals. Management, on the other hand, has a clear strategy for employee development and an overview of performance metrics.”

Spotlight: Teamfluent Helps Teams with Agile Learning

How the Business Got Started

After realizing the importance of learning in business.

Ghiciuc says, “It all started within Thinslices, a product development company I co-founded in 2010. By the end of 2014, we had achieved 1M EUR in yearly revenue. That represented the first major milestone of our existence. After this, we started to consider what the next phase of growth would look like. We embarked on a very diligent strategy planning exercise with the goal of growing company revenue by ten times (10x), up to 10M euros per year, within the next five years. To meet our goal, we knew we had to grow fast and agile. We decided to invest in learning.?”

Biggest Win

Signing ten customers before even launching the product.

Ghiciuc says, “We had met with many people both within the industry and outside of it and the majority of them said it can’t be done. They said no one would pay for something that didn’t even exist yet. But they were wrong. We engineered our product together with its intended audience so that it would reflect real learning needs within companies. We met with different companies and we talked about how they do learning, what their employees need and how they want to grow their talent and their business through agile learning. They trusted our vision of the product so they signed on even before we had our MVP.”

Biggest Risk


Ghiciuc says, “I guess it’s hard for everyone starting a new business. For us, I guess it would be our geographical context. Both Thinslices and Teamfluent started in post-soviet Romania. Corruption and bureaucracy are still a reality here and we’re working hard every day to compete with international businesses in friendlier economies.”

Spotlight: Teamfluent Helps Teams with Agile Learning

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Move to Bali for a month with the entire team.

Team Tradition

Weird meeting titles

Ghiciuc says, “We named each meeting something different (and weird). For example, our weekly planning and retrospective meeting is called The Borg. And we have Monthly Beatings for quarterly planning and progress tracking.”

Favorite Quote

“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

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Images: Teamfluent; Top Image: Stefan Sarbu – Chief Operating Officer, Cezara Pralea – Business Development Manager; Second Image: Iulian Nechifor – Digital Marketer; Third Image: Georgiana Ionescu – Product Owner

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