Agritourism Discovers the Web

Small farmers in the agritourism industry have discovered the benefits of the Web to attract new business.

USA Today has an interesting article outlining how small, family-run farms are using the Web for marketing purposes. Gannett News reporter Maureen Groppe, quoting a representative of a “pick-your-own” orchard writes:

“We’ve found that, at least for what I would call the agritourism business, the Web site is a necessity,” said Dennis Norton, Webmaster for the family operation.

People are constantly trying to find out what’s in season and what kinds of activities are going on at the orchard, Norton says. He estimates that the Web site,, has had more than 500,000 hits since it was created about four years ago.

Via Core Components Web Marketing blog.

Agritourism businesses have also discovered the benefits of blogging. For instance, one of the blogs I link to here, the Oklahoma Wine News blog, is written by the folks at Nuyaka Creek Winery. It contains all sorts of interesting links and information about wineries, wine tastings, festivals, local bed-and-breakfasts — everything a visitor might need to know.

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