20 Airbnb Competitors to Consider

Airbnb is a big player in the online vacation rental space. As of May 2022, this company which originated in San Francisco led the pack with 4.72% of the desktop traffic for travel and tourism. They have been an industry leader for many reasons. Those include the fact they offer authentic experiences in local areas. This is attractive to travelers who are looking for authentic experiences.

But there are Airbnb alternatives for travelers seeking lodgings for an upcoming trip. Some of these people are checking other rental platforms for specific needs.

Like small group bookings, local entertainment, and restaurant suggestions to name a few. Some of these travelers are looking for experiences closer to home in places like Europe and Singapore.

Looking for vacation rental properties through an alternative to Airbnb? Or even to list one? Remember there are online travel agencies (OTAs) too.

The Vacation Rental Industry in 2023

The vacation rental marketplace is growing around the world. Revenue alone was expected to reach $83.76B in 2022. Market volume is forecast to rise to $107.70B by 2027.

By that same year, 75% of the total revenue including short-term rentals will be generated online. It’s an expanding market that is showing no signs of slowing down.

airbnb competitors

Airbnb’s Market Share

Airbnb’s current valuation is about $113 billion. It’s also estimated to have over 20% of the market share of the entire vacation rental industry. Recent data also says this company has over 4 million hosts scattered across the globe. Approximately 14,000 new hosts are joining the company each month this year. Statistics also say the average host earns about $13,800 annually.

Why Do People Use Airbnb?

Looking for the perfect vacation rental online? Airbnb is a good choice for business travelers and others looking for vacation spots like beach houses. Travelers can find apartments for rent that are safe and verified. This company has a process that’s been worked out over the years it’s been in business.

There are other advantages that make this a favorite among travelers and others. For example, hosts need to verify themselves. The reviews that get posted are carefully screened. You can even message a host before pursuing a listing.

All payments go through the Airbnb system. The verified photos come in handy for modern campers who want to stay in a place that looks just like the pictures.

Are you a host looking to get started? Remember this company doesn’t charge an annual subscription rate. Airbnb works on a commission basis. Another advantage when you’re renting out– AirCover for Hosts is free insurance. That’s a bonus.

There’s a lot to look at when you’re considering this vacation rental platform. And there’s lots of competition to sort through too.

Top Airbnb Competitors in the Vacation Rental Market

Checking out the Airbnb alternatives can make any vacation more exciting. Some people are looking to other places like the Expedia Group since Airbnb properties can book out in busy times in advance.

Whether you’re looking for apartments in Central America or a home in the South Pacific, here are some excellent Airbnb competitors. Some even use services like rentals united as a channel manager. This is a great service for hosts. They get data insights and have their lodgings placed on excellent venues.

1. Vrbo

Airbnb and Vrbo are big rivals in the vacation rental market. One big difference is Vrbo has a better search function. You can filter user reviews by guest rating.

Airbnb wins when it comes to listings. It has 7 million while Vrbo has around 2 million.

2. Glamping Hub

Other Airbnb competitors like this one present a different type of experience. Glamping Hub offers alternative accommodations targeting nature lovers. Like tiny houses, huts, and tree houses.

Property managers get a good deal here. The commission is only 4%. It lists the savings right on the website to help you plan your next trip

3. Booking.com

This online travel agency specializes in hotel accommodations. But it’s moving into vacation rentals. Currently, it lists more than 6 million apartment rentals and home rentals. Booking.com was originally a search engine for the hotel industry. This is one of the top Airbnb competitors.

Unlike Airbnb, there are no shared spaces listed on this site. Just private vacation rental properties.

4. Misterb&b

The LGBTQ+ community’s choice in North America and France. The more than 250,000 hosts need to be gay-friendly. Like Airbnb, Misterb&b charges a commission. But it is lower at 4.5%. An Airbnb host pays 14-16%.

5. TravelStaytion

This is an alternative rental site. It focuses on expertly managed short-term rentals. TravelStaytion boasts 85,000 properties in hundreds of different cities worldwide

6. Hopper

This is a newer site. It is user-friendly and shows multiple properties on a mobile device. It lists savings right on the website to help you plan your next trip. A great alternative that started in 2022 and already boasts 2 million listings.

7. Holidu

Holidu aggregates listings from other vacation rental sites. This is different from other sites like Airbnb. It’s a metasearch engine that’s popular in Europe.

8. Trip.com

This is the number one OTA in China. Listing a private room or other types of property there gets you visibility with Asian travelers.

9. Hipcamp

Looking for a natural experience? Hipcamp is a camping reservation platform. It includes glamping options like yurt rentals. Budget travelers looking for more than just a room can use this offbeat service.

10. Google

It might seem a little strange to see this name listed with services of companies like Airbnb. But vacation rentals are becoming included in Google maps. As of now, Google doesn’t charge a commission when they redirect a search to a direct booking page.

Property managers still need to pay for Airbnb listings.

More Top Platforms for Vacation Rentals

There are vacation rental competitors. Some of them are niche websites. Others are online travel agencies that amalgamate info.

11. Wimdu

Caters to people looking for villas in Spain and studio apartments in France. Wimdu has 350,000 rentals in the inventory.

12. Agoda

Based in Singapore. Two million listings but higher commissions than Airbnb.

13. PegiPegi

This Indonesia-based OTA includes 25,000 hotels. Great when you’re looking for serviced apartments, guest houses, and cottages.

14. Tripadvisor

If you think the competition is just between Airbnb and Vrbo, think again. This site is used by 490 million travelers a month. Tripadvisor is an OTA —an online travel agency. That’s different than a vacation marketplace specializing in rentals.

For property managers, that means you’ll be competing with hotels. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you have a unique experience to share and low costs.

15. Expedia

Expedia has a bigger client base than Airbnb. They provide more than just vacation homes and list other accommodation options. Expedia offers car rentals, flights, cruises, and other options.

Property owners will pay a little more (15-22%) in commission.

16. Plum Guide

This site specializes in luxury rentals. The main difference between Plum Guide and Airbnb is the type of customer. If you compare listings, you’ll see this site is more high-end. They look for elegant interiors and stylish furniture.

17. Rakuten

This choice offers a good mix. The official name is Rakuten Travel Xchange.

They are a hotel API partner that uses the most cutting-edge technology available.

18. Anyplace

This company is very similar to Airbnb. They rent local spaces so that people can enjoy authentic experiences. However, Anyplace is moving towards the remote worker market and concentrating more on apartments.

19. eDreams

Operates in 40 different countries. Serves 18 million customers in Europe.

20. HomeToGo

This company boasts the world’s largest search engine for vacation rentals. It is classified as a metasearch engine. It can pull listings to rent from other websites. Travelers can compare listings from other booking sites side-by-side.

How Is Airbnb Different From Other Competitors?

They are tops in the vacation rental options because they have around 7 million places to rent. The platform offers local unique experiences from rooms in apartments to whole houses.

Should Property Owners List Vacation Rentals on Multiple Platforms?

You can list on more than one different rental site. Even add the same listings on multiple platforms. But remember payment policies vary. So might cleaning protocols and cancellation policies. Watch out for double bookings too. They can hamper your search results.

Who Is the Biggest Airbnb Competitor?

Looking for an Airbnb alternative? They compete with travel metasearch sites, online travel agencies (OTAs), and other niche rental companies.

But their biggest competition comes from Vrbo. Keep in mind Airbnb has more listings.

What Is the Best Short-term Rental Site?

Hosts and business travelers both need to be interested in the best short-term rental accommodations. This blog has supplied information on which ones offer unique accommodations and property type choices.

Plus booking fees and features like instant booking have been covered. With everything considered like the service fee between the top two, Airbnb and Vrbo, Airbnb comes out on top.

If you need to choose just one platform, they have a good reputation because they are established. Get private rooms, an entire property, or even a shared room with them. Even with Airbnb’s fees, their listings are cheaper than hotel rooms.


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