AirMeet is an Interactive Virtual Events Platform for Conferences, Chats, and More


AirMeet, the online events hosting platform is offering online meetups, virtual conferences, and webinars with a unique twist. It comes with side sessions, better administrative controls for organizers and even a networking table in between sessions.

This offering by AirMeet helps businesses to create interactive virtual events using its scalable platform. The company boasts of having the capability to accommodate up to a million attendees in simultaneous meetings.

What makes AirMeet unique is it provides hosts, meetings, and sessions some of the same in person capabilities. It comes with no downloads and speedy set up so your attendees can get started quickly. By simply logging in using your email, Google or social media accounts you can set up virtual meetings in three easy steps.

AirMeet Virtual Conferences

All you need to start a custom virtual meeting is open an account and follow the intuitive dashboard to set it up.

Before you start you can publish your event details online, manage registrations and go live with your event from a single interface. The virtual meeting platform has a countdown feature allowing participants to know and prepare before the session starts.

You can select community managers, set up side sessions through the social lounge where participants can network and collaborate separately. The host can select the number of participants and also decide the number of networking tables for further networking and collaborations. The social lounge can accommodate between 2-4 people allowing them to have private conversations with each other in between sessions. They can also move to other social lounges if they want.

The platform also comes with a virtual backstage. This allows the host to discuss with speakers and collaborate on the proceedings with co-organizers privately prior to and during the meetings. Here the organizer and speakers can check microphones, video, presentation slides and proceeding details without distracting the participants.

Like any meeting the raise hand feature allows participants to ask questions or add to the discussions. The organizer can also mute out, control comments or ban participants who abuse the proceedings.

A question tab allows participants to ask questions to the host or speaker. The relative number of controls the session administrators have at their disposal makes AirMeet a platform to conduct virtual meetings at one go.

Additional features AirMeet offers include reporting and analytics; record and playback features; and surveys and poll management to add value to your virtual meetings.

AirMeet is available on a quotation basis but you can get a free trial version.

Conference Landscape Changed

AirMeet is yet another e-meeting platform in addition to Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and others offering virtual meetings to help businesses continue to communicate and collaborate during the post lockdown. In an era of social distancing businesses and organizations have turned to technology to continue collaboration and networking.

As more workers continue to work remotely and collaborate using virtual meetings have also become part of the process. From planning and collaborating across departments to customer acquisition, virtual meetings have become a common feature in how businesses communicate today.

Virtual meetings are convenient because they allow people to start a session anytime and anywhere. This provides the flexibility businesses need when dealing with a remote workforce. They help team members to remain engaged and productive with real-time communications solutions. They are a substitute for face-to-face meetings where people connect, exchange information, and continue to work together.

The good news is small businesses today have a wide selection of virtual meeting solutions they can choose from. With the majority of service providers offering a free trial period, you can make sure to get the right one before you start paying.



Samson Haileyesus Samson Haileyesus is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 5 years. He has several years of progressive experience in media, communication and PR working with government, NGOs and private sector.