AirVote Uses QR Codes to Get Instant Customer Feedback

AirVote QR Code Feedback

Customer feedback is now more important than ever because of how quickly it can end up online. AirVote has a solution that uses QR codes to get instant feedback from your customers so you can do something about it.

With instant feedback you can identify a problem right away and solve it before it affects other customers. For a small business with limited resources, AirVote is a quick and easy way you to address the needs of your customers.

AirVote QR Code Feedback

The need for AirVote in today’s digital ecosystem is valuable because it lets you manage and control the external image of your business in an increasingly social world. As an internal tool, AirVote lets you poll your customers in real-time about the quality of your service. With this in-house data, you can fix small immediate issues before the impact goes out in the outside world.

How Does AirVote Work?

AirVote says it is a tool for collecting and analyzing customer satisfaction data. The primary goal, as the company points out, is to, “Flag to a business team service problem areas and give an opportunity to correct before they appear in social media as a negative review.”

The self-service platform does this by allowing business owners to create questions they want to ask of their customers. For every question you want answers too, AirVote has a set of three smileys with unique embedded QR code for each smiley. You can print out stickers or posters yourself or AirVote can provide official stickers with your questions and QR codes.

Once you have the stickers, you can place them on single or multiple locations. Customers can then vote using their smartphone and it registers it as anonymous votes. It registers the vote the same way a physical smiley button machine does. Except you don’t have to come up with the added expense of buying or leasing the machines.

Furthermore, AirVote customers can comment anonymously and send it along with their votes. You can opt to get a notification in near real-time when there is a single negative vote along with any comments. This provides more information on the issue customers have so you can solve it with greater accuracy.

The added benefit of this instant feedback is your customers don’t have to log in to review sites, install an app or type comments. Granted if they want to comment they will still have to type on AirVote. However, if they want to vote quickly it only takes a few seconds.

The Analytics

Another benefit of using the AirVote system is the data is instantly available to you and your team. The interactive dashboard will filter the votes by date, time, question and location.

image: AirVote
This makes it possible to identify the shift and employees who are present when the good and bad votes/comments are registered.

Ease of Use and Availability

The AirVote system doesn’t require you to purchase, lease or install any physical device. It uses a device (a smartphone) most people now have these days on them. And because the cost is based on value, meaning no votes – no bill, you get what you pay for. No matter which tier you purchase, if you get less than 50 votes a month, there is no bill.

AirVote has a Starter tier available for free for a single site with 50 votes/month and up to 50 questions. The next tier is the Single Site with up to 10,000 votes/month and up to 100 questions. This tier also includes individual vote alerts and advanced reporting.

The tier for Multiple Site gives you 50,000 votes/month for 10 sites and up to 500 questions. It includes the features from the other tier along with multi-site analytics, free AirVote stickers and a one-hour portal training.  If you want the Enterprise tier, you have to contact AirVote.

AirVote offers a one-month unlimited access free trial.


Image: AirVote

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