Spotlight: Algomus Offers Chatbot Technology for Business Use

Spotlight: Algomus Business Analyst Bot

Chatbots offer a variety of potential benefits for businesses. And Algomus is a tech startup that was one of the early adopters of AI technology, creating a chatbot that can help businesses with some of the more tedious data related tasks.

Learn more about Algomus and the company’s chatbot, Algo, in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a chatbot for businesses.

CEO Amjad Hussain told Small Business Trends, “Algomus has created the world’s first Virtual Business Analyst bot. Affectionately known as Algo, our chatbot works with Big Data to help his colleagues get insights and answers quickly and easily. Algo learns to take over tedious tasks, working with his human colleagues to bring added value to analytical workflows.”

Business Niche

Presenting data in an intuitive way.

Hussain says, “Our industry optimized Machine Learning algorithms are helping global leaders in manufacturing, distribution, and retail discover and act on opportunities to directly improve P&L performance. Business Intelligence requires presenting data in an intuitive format, but visualizations aren’t meaningful without people using their business and domain knowledge to interpret the data and act on it. Algo brings the data to the people that need it in order to drive Business Intelligence insights through application specific dashboards, custom insights reports, and more.”

How the Business Got Started

Getting into AI early.

Hussain explians, “The technology was developed by a team of MIT scientists with a history of building successful analytics products (including SilkRoute Global, previously #229 on the Inc 500 list). Basically, we were AI before it was hip.”

Biggest Win

Attracting some accomplished team members.

Hussain says, “Our company has already been hired by global industry leaders Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. (along with several household name brands we can’t mention) and we show no signs of slowed growth. The former VP of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (and client of Algomus) was so blown away by what we’re doing in the AI space that he joined our team as VP of Product and Customer Success.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing the team.

Hussain says, “With an influx of $100,000, we’d fund our growth with the continuous expansion of our Los Angeles team. Currently stacked with incredible talent, we’d focus on complementing the VP’s we have in our LA office so they can continue to be the high achievers they are.”

Bragging Rights

Not losing customers.

Hussain explains, “A group of self-proclaimed (and celebrated) nerds, we live for solving big problems with creative solutions and we haven’t lost a single customer since our launch ten years ago (humble brag).”

Favorite Team Lunch


Hussain says, “Taco Tuesday, anyone? Yes, we know guac is extra.”

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Images: Algomus; Top Image: Amjad Hussain

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