Amazon Announces New Health Care Benefit for Prime Members

Amazon has introduced a health care benefit for its Prime members, offering high-quality, convenient care through One Medical for just $9 a month or $99 a year. This significant development promises to revolutionize the way Prime members access health services, aligning with Amazon’s commitment to simplifying and enhancing customer experiences.

24/7 On-Demand Virtual Care Nationwide

This new Prime benefit includes unlimited access to 24/7 on-demand virtual care from One Medical. This service, available at no additional cost, encompasses video chats with licensed providers, addressing common health concerns quickly and efficiently. The innovative “Treat Me Now” feature in the One Medical app further streamlines care for issues like colds, skin problems, allergies, and more, making health management more accessible than ever.

In-Person and Remote Primary Care Services

In addition to virtual care, Prime members living near One Medical locations can easily schedule in-person or remote appointments. With hundreds of offices across the U.S., One Medical provides a welcoming, stress-free environment for patients, featuring on-time appointments, extended visit durations, and drop-in labs. Although insurance is accepted, customers can also choose to pay out of pocket, with One Medical accommodating most insurance plans.

A Healthier, Easier Experience for Prime Members

Neil Lindsay, Senior Vice President at Amazon Health Services, emphasized the importance of accessible health care in improving health outcomes. He stated, “That’s why we are bringing One Medical’s exceptional experience to Prime members—it’s health care that makes it dramatically easier to get and stay healthy.”

Affordable and Family-Inclusive

The new health care benefit is not only affordable for individual Prime members but also extends savings to families. Members can add up to five additional memberships at discounted rates, ensuring comprehensive care for the whole family. Whether it’s addressing a child’s fever in the middle of the night or managing long-term health goals, this benefit is designed to seamlessly fit into family life.

Testimonials from Satisfied One Medical Members

The impact of this initiative is already visible in testimonials from One Medical members. Henry from New York City praised the 24/7 video care as a lifesaver during a respiratory illness. Gabe, also from New York City, highlighted the personalized and uninterrupted care experience as “truly revolutionary.” In Atlanta, Abagail appreciated the attentive and personalized approach, while Allie from Austin commended the ease of getting care that previously seemed difficult.

Amazon’s introduction of this Prime health care benefit through One Medical marks a significant step in making quality health care more accessible and convenient. This aligns with Amazon’s broader vision of enhancing customer experiences, offering a practical, affordable solution for health management within the comfort of one’s home or at a nearby One Medical office. This initiative promises to be a game-changer for Prime members, fostering better health outcomes through easy access to quality care.

Image: Depositphotos

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