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Would you like to market your business product to 50 of the largest hospital systems in the US? And to 40 of the governing bodies of the country’s largest cities? And 55 Fortune 500 companies?

You can reach millions of business customers like that when you sell B2B on Amazon Business.

What is Amazon B2B?

There are two main types of Amazon B2B business customers: Amazon business buyers and Amazon business sellers. Amazon business customers can sell and purchase business products.

They can sell products one at a time, or in bulk. They can sell one product, several dozen products or hundreds of products. You can select which products in your line that you’ll make available for sale.

Those who use Amazon business reach millions of other businesses. Businesses of all sizes take advantage of a key perk – the visual dashboard.

The visual dashboard works like a sales snapshot. While you grow your b2b sales you’ll get analytics showing you not only which are your top products, but also which industries are buying them.

If you’re a buyer, you’ll have access to hundreds of products are very good b2b based prices. It’s e-commerce exclusively for business.

What Kind of Businesses Use Amazon Business

Whether a business seller or buyer, the types of businesses using Amazon b2b come from 5 main categories:





Distributors and Dealers

Who is Eligible for an Amazon Business Account?

Before they sell on Amazon, members of Amazon b2b must meet basic criteria:

The business, institution or organization must be located in the US or in US territories (such as Guam and Puerto Rico).

The business must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

How does Amazon Business Work?

As its basics, Amazon B2B is a place where an Amazon business seller and an Amazon business buyer meet. Each entity joins b2b sales and reach each other.

The Amazon seller and the Amazon buyer in the Amazon b2b e commerce marketplace may benefit from strategies such as bulk pricing, negotiated payment terms and free shipping.

How much does Amazon Business Cost?

The fee for an Amazon b2b monthly membership is the same as the fee for an Amazon sellers account, $39.99.

Or, you can opt to pay a set amount for each item sold, which is .99. You have to weigh which works for you. In other words, if you sell 40 items in a month, your per item fee is the same as your monthly subscription cost.

Why You Should Sell with Amazon Business

Buying and selling with Amazon B2B gives you access to items offered by other member businesses.

Orders flow both ways.

There is more than one success story with Amazon b2b users. Here’s why:

Offer Your Product to Millions of Business Customers

Hospital sytems, governing bodies, Fortune 500 companies – As an Amazon business seller you’ll have access to all those business customers. You’ll make sales and reach new business customers who find your products on Amazon b2b.

Food for thought: Third party sellers make up to 50% of the Amazon $10 million annualized “sales ran” rate.

Utilize the Amazon Tax Exemption Program

You can enjoy the Amazon Tax Exemption Program if your business has tax-exempt status. In addition to qualifying businesses, tax exempt entities include government departments, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Have In-Depth Analytics

Through the visual dashboard, Amazon will keep track of your business trends for you by analyzing orders. You’ll be able to learn key information, such as which are your top items, and which types of businesses are using them.

Manage Tail Spend

Although you’ll be part of Amazon seller central and its customers, only Amazon b2b members will be able to see any special pricing offered there. If you offer special business pricing such as bulk sales are tier-based pricing (lower prices as quantities increase), only other Amazon b2b members will be able to see that pricing.

Save on Business Purchases

If you’re on the buying side, Amazon business can help you take advantage of quantity discounts and other special business pricing.

Should I Use Amazon Business Prime?

Prime and Amazon Business Prime offer buyers the same advantage – those who use prime get the best shipping deal, free shipping for buyers.

But as every small business owner already knows, nothing is truly free! Here’s how Amazon business prime works:

Members pay an annual fee, depending on the size of the business. With 3 and fewer users, the fee is $179 annually. With 100 or more users, the fee is $10,000 annually. Amazon Business Prime users get free two-day delivery.

How to Start Using Amazon Business

Amazon business customers will find it easy to get started. To get the best of Amazon business, take the following steps:

Make Sure You Meet the Requirements

Your business is located in the US or its territories, and you have a TIN.

Pick an Account Option

Create a new account or convert your existing Professional Seller account.

Set Up an Amazon Business Account

Create a business profile, including information such as your logo, your years in business, your type of business and key items that fit in the b2b marketplace for your Amazon biz account. Define your accepted payment methods.

If applicable, sellers should include quality and diversity credentials. For example, buyers can search for products from woman, minority and Veteran-owned businesses.

Verify Your Business Information

When you set up your account, you’ll supply a user name and password. You may answer questions from Amazon customer service requiring you to supply your business address as it is listed on your official business state registration documents. You may be asked to supply your business tax ID number and your business credit card information.

Create Your Listings for Your Business Account

You may have a business where everything in your catalog fits the b2b program, or you may only have 5 products out of 100 that fit.

Create your listings and thoroughly describe them.

Scale Your Business

Use the visual dashboard to more accurately target your ideal customer. Make strategies to help your business grow.

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