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Do you have products to sell? Don’t overlook Amazon Custom. Sellers who are already using it laud its features and call it a great experience that brings them more business.

With all the customization options, nearly every product can be customized. Customers like products that can be personalized into something that’s unique, and exactly what they want. Knowing what is print on demand can also help you find more customers.

What is Amazon Custom?

Amazon Custom is a “store” within Amazon. It’s a place where shoppers can find your products and choose to customize them.

Products can be customized with a logo, chosen images and/or text, or other options. Customization options are chosen by you, the seller.

Shoppers choose the item and customization, and you provide the custom service to fulfill all the orders.

Who Can Sell on Amazon Custom?

To sell on Amazon Customer, you must first register with Amazon as a professional seller, or be a member of Amazon Handmade.

Also, your products must be customizable for customers.

How Much Does Amazon Custom Cost?

As an Amazon professional seller you’ll pay the regular monthly subscription fee, $39.99, plus any selling fees.

So far, you can add Amazon Custom to your Professional Seller account at no cost. But Amazon reserves the right to add costs to the service if needed in the future.

Why Your Business Should Sell on Amazon Custom

Amazon Custom gives more small businesses the opportunity to step into the customized products market. Customers jump at the chance to add their touch to a product, turning it into a unique gift or company promotion.

Here are more reasons:

  • Products listed on Amazon custom are also cross-listed in the vast Amazon store, helping buyers find all your products.
  • By using Amazon, you have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • Amazon Custom allows customers to personalize your products, to make all the products more distinctive.
  • Amazon Custom gives you a new option for selling with a dedicated storefront for custom products.
  • Your product listings can bring customers back to websites, which boosts business for sellers.

Customization Types for Sellers

What are the customization options that can be included in your product listing? Although there are three main customization types, the options a seller can offer are unlimited, which is similar to sites like Amazon Merch.

Image Customization

Customers upload an image, such as a business logo or name. Text can also be added. As customers add uploads to the customizable products, they can see a preview image and change colors if needed.

Text Customization

Customers can add text to products using color and font options. As sellers, you list the options that you offer in text customization. For example, your product customization can be embroidered, engraved, printed or painted – whatever method you use to customize products. The data to be added can be up to five lines.

Product Configuration

Product configuration is very product-dependent. Basically, customers build their own products using a drop-down menu of choices.

What Product Categories can a Seller Customize on Amazon Custom?

Amazon organizes the choice of custom products for shoppers by category. Here’s a look at key categories and departments from the list (there are many more!):

Home & Kitchen, Clothing, Jewelry, Handmade, Office Products, Sports and Outdoors, Cell Phone Case and Accessories, Pet Supplies, Baby, Tools and Home Improvement, Toys and Games, Auto Accessories, Garden and Outdoor, Arts, Crafts and Sewing.

How to Set Up an Amazon Custom Profile and Be Successful

Before you start selling your products, you must set up your account and customization information. The time you spend doing that will pay off with increased profits for your business.

Sign Up for Amazon Custom as a Professional Seller

Before you join the ranks of sellers selling custom products, you must register with Amazon as a professional seller. Or, you can also sell custom products through Amazon Handmade.

Create a New Product

Via your sellers’ subscription, you’ll be able to use Amazon’s seller central as a listing tool. The seller central tool enables you to add your product listings and descriptions of custom options that your offer.

You don’t need tons of computer experience to work with the listing tool for customizations.

Add Customization Information to Your Products

Once you’ve added your product, you’ll use the ADD/EDIT button to add customization information for the product. For example, you may specify text options, such as how many lines of text are allowed. If you find that certain font text colors don’t work well with your product, you can limit color selections.

You may specify and list what type of images you can use, such as logos. You may choose to not use photographic images or certain other image customization options.

You’ll also include your terms for the cost of customizations.

Customers who go to your listings will use the Customize Now button.

Preview Your Product Listing

Within the Amazon seller central tool, you’ll be able to preview the customization option to see: 1. If the steps are configured correctly and 2. If the customized products look good.

Start Selling

Sellers will soon know if their venture into custom product customizations sales is working!

Remember that custom products sales initiate through the Amazon website, but you fulfill the orders. In other words, shipping won’t be accomplished through the Amazon fulfillment service. You complete the sale, including customization and shipping.

How long does the application process for Amazon Custom take?

Amazon Custom typically responds to an email request to join within an hour!

The return email from Amazon will include all the links sellers need to get started. The links will take you through the steps to add a listing with the item’s image, its features, and descriptive content.

Sellers can also choose which category or categories where the item will appear. Choose the category where you think buyers are most likely to find it.

How do I add items to Amazon Custom in bulk?

Clients can order bulk “text” customizations only. For example, a buyer may be purchasing wedding reception take-home items for friends such as drink coasters. The buyer may wish to buy 200 drink coasters with text (up to 5 lines) and can order all 200.

Image customization and product configuration can not be done in bulk. The processes for that are manual, and must be done one by one for each addition.

How many customizations can I add to a product on Amazon Custom?

You can add both image and text customizations to one product. If set up by the seller, one product may have several spots where image and text can be placed.

For example, a quilt with nine blocks may have 9 spots for text; or one photo collage may have several spots for text, such as a name or more. It all depends on what you – the seller – are prepared to offer as more options.

How do I view my custom orders on Amazon?

You can click the Set Up key and see how your finished product will look. You’ll be sent an order for each article via your Amazon Custom account.

Do I need permission from my manufacturer to sell on Amazon?

Absolutely. You need to be authorized by the manufacturer to sell the products you want to customize.

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