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amazon fba courses

Amazon defines Amazon FBA as a service that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon.  Amazon FBA allows individuals and businesses to sell without having to worry about inventory or shipping and delivery. This year, Amazon sellers can reach customers in 180 countries. There are several offerings with online classes for this multi-billion dollar industry. The following are 10 of the best amazon FBA courses available Online.

Amazon FBA Courses

Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Made Easy is an Introduction course to Amazon FBA, it expands on what amazon FBA is and guides you through every step involved. In addition to Amazon FBA business, it will show you amazon retail arbitrage. This course has 1.5 hours of video materials with 26 lectures divided over 9 sections including:

  • Amazon FBA: Step 1 Getting Started
  • Amazon FBA: Step 2 Getting a Product to Sell
  • Amazon FBA: Step 3 Finding Suppliers for Your product
  • Amazon FBA: Step 4 Getting Your Product Listed on Amazon FBA
  • Amazon FBA: Step 5 Driving Your Amazon FBA Sales


Amazon FBA as a Private Label Business Launching Platform

Amazon FBA as a Private Label Business Launching Platform is a how-to guide to selling on amazon FBA and launching private label brands. The course takes a special focus on product selection, sourcing quality products, and marketing campaigns. The package contains 7.5 hours of video lectures, 22 downloadable resources, and 11 articles. The program has a total length of 10.5 hours with 127 lectures across 13 sections such as:

  • Introduction to Amazon FBA private label Business
  • Niche research – Find profitable niches that align with your passion.
  • Finding suppliers in the USA or internationally from China
  • Product listing optimization for better conversion and better rankings
  • Taxes and Legal Overview


Source and Sell on Amazon FBA [Without Private Labeling]

Without private labeling, Source and Sell on Amazon FBA teaches you how to utilize existing and established Amazon listings. You will learn to sell in special categories, be eligible for Amazon Buy Box, manage multiple products, and more. This online Amazon FBA course has 4.5 hours of video lectures, 11 downloadable materials, and 2 articles. The 4.5 hours of videos make 44 lectures over 10 sections including:

  • Getting ready to Sell on Amazon
  • Identifying Profitable Products
  • Wholesale of Arbitrage
  • Prepping and Shipping Your Inventory
  • Managing Inventory and Scaling Up


Amazon FBA Course: How to Sell and Succeed with Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Course: How to Sell and Succeed with Amazon FBA will teach you to earn passive income with the Amazon FBA business. You will be able to source products, negotiate prices, and analyze products and product categories to select what to sell. There are 3.5 hours of video lectures, 4 downloadable resources, and 4 articles. The 3 hours and 42-minute long videos make up 59 lectures over 9 sections such as:

  • Choose a Private Label Product to sell on Amazon
  • How to Source Private Label Items for Resale
  • Adding a Private Label Product to Amazon Marketplace
  • FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Promoting your Amazon Listings


5-in-1 Amazon FBA Course – Beginner to 7-Figures (2022)

5-in-1 Amazon FBA Course is a brief course covering product research, Amazon SEO, Alibaba Sourcing, launching, and scaling. It also offers free Amazon tools and templates from a $1,000,000 private label seller. This is a beginner to pro course with 25 hours of video lectures, 5 downloadable resources, and 6 articles. The 25 hours contain 164 lectures in 11 sections such as:

  • Profitable and FAST Amazon Product Research
  • Suppliers & Shipping – Source the Highest Quality Products at the Lowest Prices
  • Amazon SEO and Listing Optimization
  • Amazon PPC – Master the World’s 3rd largest Ad Platform
  • Amazon Seller Scaling & Secret Vault


Amazon FBA 2022-How to Pick Profitable Products in 2 Hours

Amazon FBA 2022 course will show you how to pick profitable products with just $2,000. In addition to what you should do, the course also shows what you shouldn’t do and the expensive mistakes you should avoid. The course contains 3 hours of video lectures and 4 downloadable resources.  The 2 hours and 45-minute video make up 22 lectures across 5 sections namely:

  • Introduction
  • Research Tools and Product Criteria
  • Product Research Phase 1 – Getting Product Ideas with Real examples
  • Product Research Phase 2 – Product Validation & Differentiation
  • Stand Out from the Crowd


Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization SECRETS to Double Sales

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization SECRETS course focuses on boosting your Amazon visibility, conversion, and sales. The lessons include 7 free Amazon SEO and Listing optimization template, 2 secret Amazon backend keywords, and copy and paste Amazon description formula to increase ranking. This class contains 4.5 hours of video lectures and 4 articles. The 4 hours and 19 minutes of videos make up 28 lectures across 4 sections namely:

  • Welcome (Welcome to More Amazon Sales)
  • Amazon Listing Optimization& SEO Playbook
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus


From China Direct to Amazon FBA (Case Study + Guide)

From China Direct to Amazon FBA teaches you how to import from China using suppliers on Alibaba directly to Amazon FBA. The course will guide you through supplier selection, research regulation and certification, and landing exclusivity agreements using a live case study. With 6.5 hours of video lectures and 12 downloadable resources. In 2 sections the 6.5-hour videos are broken down into 53 lectures including:

  • Amazon Research and Friends Feedback
  • Setting up your Website/Landing page
  • Arranging shipments
  • Finalizing the Amazon Listing
  • Product Arrival and Launch


Starting an Amazon FBA Store: How to Start a Business at Home

Starting an Amazon FBA Store is a step-by-step guide to starting an Amazon FBA business on a tight budget. In this detailed course, you will be taught to use Amazon’s internal advertising feature, 5 things to focus on and 5 things to avoid, and know where and how to source items. The package includes 10.5 hours of video lectures, 38 downloadable resources, and 27 articles. The program takes a total of 11 hours with its 125 lectures across 12 sections including:

  • Choosing A Product to Sell
  • Finding Suppliers and Sourcing Products
  • Evaluating and Dissecting Amazon Listings
  • Sending Your Products to Amazon FBA
  • Kick Starting Sales on a New Listing


The Last Amazon FBA Course – [2022] Private Label Guide

The Last Amazon FBA Course is a 2022 updated private label guide designed by a million-dollar seller. The lesson unveils tested and true methods of launching, selling, and growing private label products from amazon millionaires.  The 50+ hour class covers everything including getting your own Trademark and Licenses, payment options, and proven strategies to find profitable products. In total, the course contains 53 hours of video lectures and 3 articles. This course is broken-down into 362 lectures distributed across 47 sections including:

  • Winning criteria – Product Research
  • Finding Product Ideas – Keyword & Product Theory – Product Research
  • Before Sourcing – Business Fundamentals
  • Photography – Product Photographers and Pitfalls
  • Trademark & Copyright, and Laws to be Aware of


There are more than 300 million shoppers on amazon. Third-party sales are growing at a 52% annual rate, and that accounts for more than half of Amazon’s total sales. There were concerns that the number of shoppers might decline after the pandemic but customers have continued with online purchases. Amazon’s shopper number is expected to constantly grow in the coming years.


The platform currently has more than 12,500 enterprise customers as well as governments and nonprofits. Large companies like NASDAQ, Volkswagen, Kaiser Permanente, Aflac, NetApp and many others have offered these courses to their employees.

Are there certifications for Amazon FBA Courses Courses?

Upon completion, you will be awarded a verifiable certificate of completion.

Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It?

In 2021, more than 60,000 sellers made $1,000,000 and above in sales. So, yes they are worth it.

How Much Do Amazon FBA Courses cost?

When you purchase the course, you’ll receive lifetime access (including updates) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Amazon FBA courses cost an average of $75. Udemy’s courses are usually on discounts and special offers, so there is a chance you will land a better deal.

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