Anchor Bookkeeping Offers Digital Accounting with Added Services for Small Businesses

Anchor Bookkeeping Gives Small Business Digital Accounting with Personal Touch

With the 2019 tax season fast approaching, you may be looking for an easier way to file your small business tax return.

Anchor Bookkeeping looks to solve this problem by offering a new digital accounting service with personalized features including in-house bookkeepers and CPA-approved financial statements.

It goes without saying one of the biggest pain points of running a small business is doing the books and keeping an accurate record. Even with all the available tools in the marketplace, owners run into problems when it comes time to filing taxes for their personal and business finances.

Oftentimes this leads to filing taxes with inaccurate information, which can land owners into legal and financial liabilities.

According to Emil Abedian, Anchor Bookkeeping founder and chief executive officer, 80% of the books presented to his firm by small businesses for tax preparations were inaccurate.

In the emailed press release Abedian goes on to say, “ In our experience, clients either attempted to learn complicated accounting software on their own and made mistakes or hired unvetted bookkeepers based on price, not necessarily their skill level or expertise.”

Anchor Bookkeeping was established to bring the best of both worlds together by combining the convenience of digital technology along with the expertise of skilled bookkeepers. Abedian says this will guarantee the quality of service while delivering accurate financial reporting to give small businesses the peace of mind they need.

The Anchor Bookkeeping Platform

When you sign up with Anchor Bookkeeping you will get a personal in-house bookkeeper. They will review and categorize your daily transactions, reconcile accounts, and give you a CPA-approved financial report.

The digital platform offers communications features which let you chat, text or call your personal bookkeeper with questions regarding your report.

When it comes time to consolidate your account, you can use the fully integrated Anchor Bookkeeping platform with all major banks and payment platforms to make financial transactions. This means your statements and receipts will be in one place and you won’t’ have to worry about uploading or providing bank login credentials.

The service the company provides is customized by industry and business size with monthly membership which includes a current snapshot of company health, financial statements, profit and loss, balance sheets, and general ledger. Additionally, it will deliver a comprehensive annual report for tax filing purposes.

The company says the service is offered for anyone from freelancers to startups with revenue of up to $1 million. But for those businesses who are growing and ready to scale, Anchor says it is can also provide their bookkeeping needs.

Personalized Bookkeeping

Small business owners wear many different hats, and in most cases, they do just fine. But when it comes to bookkeeping it has to be left to professionals.

This is because a mistake can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in serious trouble.  While the cost of having a personal CPA is not an option for everyone, companies which provide a combination of digital and personalized service might be a solution.

Anchor Bookkeeping is offering its service free for one month. If you choose to continue, the service will be priced depending on annual revenue.

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