Apple Fails to Block Sales of Samsung Mobile Devices

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The resolution of a dispute between Apple and Samsung will only hasten the coming of a more mobile economy. Your business must be ready. To this end, we’ve assembled some big picture information about where the mobile explosion stands and how it may change customer behavior. We also take a closer look at what you can do in your business to prepare.

The Move to Mobile

The genie in the bottle. Apple’s efforts to block U.S. sales of Samsung’s Galaxy devices, strong competitors to Apple’s own mobile line, have failed. The result will be a further proliferation of mobile devices and greater access. It certainly means more choices for techpreneurs who use the devices for their businesses, but it also means more customers going mobile. Many challenges and opportunities await. Bloomberg Businessweek

Tomorrow never knows. But PayPal president David Marcus may know a thing or two about what 2013 holds in store for mobile payment and the trends as far as mobile customer behavior. Check out Marcus’s predictions about what lies ahead. From cash registers going mobile to the evolution of the check-in experience, there are many important considerations here for your business, so get a primer on the future of mobile from the leader in online payment. LinkedIn

A Quick Refresher Course

Time to play catch up. There are plenty of business owners out there who haven’t yet come up to speed on the mobile revolution. If you’re one of those small business owners that finds it all a bit overwhelming, check out Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell’s post on keeping up with mobile trends. Mobile changes don’t need to cause stress! Instead, they can offer new chances to grow your business. Open Forum

Tools to change the world. Creating a mobile presence may be intimidating to many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are simple tools that can help you get started . Ramon Ray gives an overview of one such application, Imprego. The service provides a simple way to quickly and easily create a landing page for mobile users. Don’t get intimidated. Just get started. Smallbiz Technology

The Latest Features

Mobile shopping squared. A new app combines one of the most popular consumer products of the past decade and a half, the gift card, with one of the latest consumer trends, mobile shopping. Read more about how businesses that already partner with Square can take advantage of the company’s gift card app with no additional investment. Offering mobile options has never been easier. Small Business Trends

Mobile payments rise by 62 percent. If you want to get a better idea of the revenue stream your business could tap into by offering customers mobile payment options, just consider this statistic. According to a post by Leah Singer, mobile sales are projected to hit $171.5 billion worldwide by the end of 2012, a 62 percent increase over 2011. Many options are available to help you get into the mobile shopping game. Merchantos

Mobile payment options abound. If you jump onto the bandwagon by offering mobile credit card processing to your customers, here’s a great place to start. Guest blogger Sarah Levy runs down some of the most important options in the field with a look at key features. Pick the one that works best for your business. Small Biz Diamonds

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  1. Great roundup. I wonder what’s next for samsung.