Apple Unveils the iPhone 5

Apple fans have been salivating in anticipation, and of course business owners know the growing importance of smartphone technology in an increasingly mobile and app driven world. Here are some things you should know about Apple’s new iPhone 5, announced Wednesday, and then some news all business leaders should find interesting about the opportunities available via mobile tools today.

Mobile Marches On

World’s thinnest smartphone. The iPhone 5 continues the march toward thinner, lighter, more mobile technology and that’s good news for business users on the go. In fact the phone is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, and includes faster processing, a better camera, and compatibility with wireless LTE networks. The Wall Street Journal

The time is now. Business owners who want to get a hold of the new iPhone 5 for their companies can start ordering today. Pre-orders are being accepted beginning early this morning, though the phones officially go on sale in nine countries Sept. 21. With a starting price of $199, this device may offer an opportunity for many small businesses to keep up with the mobile trend. Wired

Brave New World

Managing mobility. With a greater emphasis on mobile technology, even at small businesses with little or no IT support, management of mobile devices like smartphones is becoming a big issue. An estimated four out of 10 employees at many small businesses work away from the office on smartphones, so cloud-based services are emerging to handle issues like lost device detection and remote setting configuration. Smallbiz Technology

All you need are apps. If you’re tired of paperwork, then the best thing about smartphones may not be placing a call or accessing the Internet. No, there are a lot of cool apps out there to help you do everything from digitizing copies of the many forms your business uses to transcribing paperwork and converting it to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word. Gosh, with tools like these, paperwork could even be fun. UPrinting

Rise of the mobile marketer. The rise of the smartphone should bring with it a different mindset for marketers too. Everyone’s talking about making sure your Website is mobile ready, but how about your e-mail marketing campaign? If your e-mail marketing is aimed at customers who will be viewing your messages via smartphones, here are some things you may wish to consider. Step By Step Marketing

Marketing Stars and Stinkers

An Apple a day. With the release of the new iPhone 5, focus has again turned to the incredible marketing demonstrated by Apple over the years. There is a lesson to be learned here by any small business owner about how effective products and services combined with creative marketing will bring success again and again. Small Business Trends

Epic fail. To the other extreme, another smartphone maker, Nokia, took a serious misstep recently when announcing the release of its Lumia 820 and 920 phones, with the most exciting feature being the PureView Camera Technology intended to separate both smartphones from all other competition. Unfortunately, it turned out that neither a promotional video or still images used in the advertising materials were actually shot with the new phones! The PR Verdict

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