Are You Blogging for Your Small Business?

Are you blogging for your business? Of course, you’ve heard this question many times, we’re sure. But the question remains. If a tool at your disposal could help build your business at no cost other than time, why wouldn’t you use it? Here are some articles you won’t want to miss.

Tools & Tips

To create great blogs, start with great tools. Here blogger Darren Rowse shares a list of tools you may want to check out for help in creating your small business blog. Have a look at the resources. ProBlogger

Social blogging boosts business. There are many examples of how social blogging can benefit your business. If you want to know more about what the heck social blogging is in the first place, read on.

Video & Audio

What video blogging can do for you. If you think the content on your business blog is already good, just wait until you see what video content can do. It’s a whole new dimension to your online marketing efforts. Patch

Audio blogging revolution. What is the future of podcasting? Or perhaps you’d prefer to call it Web radio. No matter what you call it, our friend Martin Lindeskog has these thoughts on the medium. Ego

Latest Trends

Blogging may be great therapy. More than just a marketing tool, blogging may be good for you, a study finds. Just like everyone else, entrepreneurs and small business people have pent up frustrations and thoughts that need expression. Here’s one solution. WSJ

Don’t have time to blog? A new generation of services aimed at the small business market can supply blog posts for your site when you don’t have the time or inclination to write them yourself. Would you buy these posts for your business blog? MarketWatch

Professional Development

Running on empty. On the other hand, if you do decide to blog for your small business, you’re not alone. But what do you do when inspiration alludes you and you need a post immediately? Small Business Trends

Leveraging your blogging efforts. Blogging may not be your only business or even the way that you generate revenue, but it can be a huge benefit when pursuing other business objectives. The Washington Post

Getting Involved

Blogging and the perfect mix tape. If you thought there were already enough metaphors for great blogging out there, get ready, here comes another one. We hope this inspires you. TodayParade

Get your employees into the act. If you want to be sure your business is getting all it can out of blogging, why not be sure your employees are doing it too? Here are some guidelines to follow. Marketo

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