Are You Hiring For Your Small Business?

Are you hiring for your small business? If you’re like other small business owners, your hiring may have slowed a bit last month. Here are some of the reasons and some additional information on the state of small business hiring.

Hiring Slows

Majority of small businesses aren’t hiring anytime soon. It seems that, despite positive signs in the economy, small businesses will be staying cautious. Is your business being careful about moving forward with new hires? Sacramento Bee

Putting small business hiring within a bigger context. Hiring in general is slower than it has been in seven months across the job creation spectrum. The small business slowdown is part of that larger picture. Los Angeles Times

Inside the Issue

What April’s slow down is all about. Check this report from the National Federation of Independent Business about small business hiring numbers for April. Why has hiring slowed among smaller firms? Reuters

Why are owners so reluctant? We know hiring numbers are not what some were expecting last month. So what’s behind all this timidness? Is there a reason entrepreneurs aren’t priming this particular pump? Mercury News

The Real Deal

Small businesses are creating jobs. Don’t be fooled. While a hiring slow down is cause for concern, there is some context that should be added. Small businesses haven’t stopped creating  jobs, but the numbers must be seen from a broader perspective. The Street

Data behind bad hiring numbers. There’s no one reason why small business hiring is in a slump. But all these factors together are taking their toll. Do you see your own business’s story here? The Washington Post

The Broader Perspective

Still hiring faster than the big boys. It’s important to remember that while small businesses aren’t creating jobs as quickly as some might like, they’re still filling more positions than their big business rivals.  Entrepreneur

Hiring is down, but not everywhere. Though both small business hiring and size of payroll suffered a drop in April, it turns out that result was not seen everywhere. Are some communities and some businesses bucking the trend? Phoenix Business Journal

Where We Are

Nobody’s given up yet. The good news is that slower hiring rates have nothing to do with small business optimism or stability. Small companies are bouncing back, even if they aren’t hiring as fast as some had hoped.

Hiring halted by real concerns. Lack of access to credit heads the list of reasons small businesses aren’t hiring as much as might have been expected. What factors are holding back your hiring and job creation plans? eWeek


Joshua Sophy Joshua Sophy is the Editor for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 16 years. A professional journalist with 20 years of experience in traditional media and online media, he attended Waynesburg University and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He has held roles of reporter, editor and publisher, having founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press.

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  1. I guess some companies stopped hiring for now because they are still lining up the positions that need to be filled. It’s all about seeing the whole thing in a different perspective. What do you think?

  2. I also think that business owners are taking their time hiring because they know they must do things differently if they want to survive. It takes a while, longer than other parts of a business, to adapt your employees and positions to a change. I think many business owners are doing just that; taking their time.

  3. We’re hiring, but are evaluating qualifications and experience more carefully. The slowly recovering market translates to avoiding risky hires. Consequently, there seems to be a shortage of well-qualified candidates with specific technical backgrounds. Most folks with jobs aren’t leaving the ones they’ve secured, are in high demand, and as a result demand higher (or equivalent to their big corporate) pay. This puts small businesses in a bit of a bind.

  4. Small businesses are still hiring, and they are the ones that will ultimately help put America back to work. Unemployment may still be high, but if hiring were made easier, it wouldn’t have to be. Got jobs?

  5. We are hiring. We are still getting a huge number of resumes in response to our postings that may or may not have the qualifications we require but there are a lot of well qualified people in the market. The fear I have as a small business owner is that we may not be able to compete with benefits/pay when large companies start hiring again.