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Conversational marketing is trending and businesses of all sizes are using the strategy to engage with their customers. This means they have to listen to what their customers are saying more than ever.

The Applied Marketing Science (AMS) workshop called, “Listening to the Voice of the Customer” will teach you how to listen to your customers.

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is an in-depth process for capturing customers sentiment across the board. When you execute a VOC initiative in your company, you are allowing customers to voice their expectations, preference, likes, dislikes and more.

You can then use this information to improve your business operations, products, and services. Additionally, the workshop will also teach you to analyze the information you collect about your customers to address their demands.

The workshop will be held from October 16-17, 2019 at the University Club of Chicago.

You can download the course overview here (PDF).

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Listening to the Voice of the Customer Listening to the Voice of the Customer
October 16, 2019, Chicago, Ill.

Led by veteran product development and market research experts, this course will introduce Voice of the Customer (VOC) market research and teach you to use it to accelerate innovation in business-to-business markets. The workshop uses a lively, interactive format with numerous hands-on activities and practice exercises to build skills and will also expose you to the latest applications of these techniques in areas such as machine learning and journey mapping.
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  1. You need to do more than listen. You need to respond to the needs of the audience.