Are You Ready to Start a Small Business?

Getting started in business requires a lot of planning. Details are endless and focus is crucial to move your new business forward without getting bogged down in all the things that need to be done. Here are some important considerations when launching your new business starting with a simple checklist to assess your readiness.

Getting Started

Are you ready to start a small business? There are many reasons people consider starting a business and many things to consider along the way. To keep yourself from freaking out, here are some simple questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re really ready. The Small Business Playbook

Looking for a new home. Once you have your business started, it’s time to find a place where you can set up shop. Though some entrepreneurs, especially one person firms, may decide to start with a home office, for those who  need a bigger space, here are some ideas. Open Forum

Building Blocks

Creating a great office culture. FYI, there is no perfect or ideal office culture, no matter what the gurus might say. But there is a right and wrong office culture for your company and for those in your employ. Get Busy Media

Gaining some entrepreneurial inspiration. If you need a place to recharge your batteries after the exhausting task of getting your small business off the ground, there are great sources of inspiration out there. BizSugar Blog

Resources & Tips

Places to look for helpful programs. No matter what business venture you might be starting, there are always opportunities. Some of these include government and other programs that help small businesses just like yours in a variety of ways. Grow Smart Biz

Most important members of your team. When considering putting together your startup company, your team should be your first concern. But who do you need on your team in the beginning and is there a most important person with whom to start? BizCompare

Marketing 101

Is your small business social media ready? It’s becoming a more and more relevant question by the day. No matter what your product or service, have you thought about how it will translate to a social media presence? Think through a strategy sooner rather than later to be sure you have a plan in place.  Small Business Trends

Every business starts as an unknown. Perhaps the scariest thing about launching that new venture is that you will be working to start something new with no brand recognition at all among the customers you’ll be trying to impress. WSJ

Final Thoughts

A global startup success story. A $10 million startup may not sound like a small business to you, but there’s another reason you should be interested in BlueSprig’s story. Now almost any business can coordinate resources located half a world apart. How are you making use of this in your business? Bloomberg Businessweek

How to make your business stand out. At the end of the day, this is the most important consideration for any new business. Without distinguishing yourself from the competition, your chances of succeeding are limited. Think of these options instead. 23 Kazoos

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