15 Places to Get Art Painting Supplies for Your Business

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If you plan to start a creative business, you’ll likely need some art supplies to create your products. The exact paints and other supplies you need will vary widely based on the preferences of each artist and what type of products you offer in your shop. Here are some of the top places to source various supplies for your painting projects and artwork.

The 15 Best Places to Source Fine Art Supplies

From acrylics to watercolors, there are tons of painting supplies and art tools available online. Check out the shops below and perform a specific search for your favorite brands and types of supplies to boost your artwork and creative business.

art painting supplies

 1. Amazon

Amazon offers a bit of everything in the art supplies category. Many products are available at low prices and with fast, free shipping. Whether you need to replenish your selection of watercolors or shop for specific art tools, you can find various brands and even sort by price or set your default list to just show products available with Prime shipping.

2. Etsy

Etsy is full of art supplies from top brands, independent art companies, and resellers. The marketplace site makes it easy to find unique paints and painting supplies from new brands. Some sellers even offer bulk paints and overflow products they no longer need for their own projects at highly discounted rates.

3. Blick

Blick is a chain of art stores with locations around the company, as well as a fully stocked online shop. This may be an ideal option for those who prefer to shop for acrylics, watercolor paints, and other supplies in person. Then once you know the specific brands and tools you need for each product, you can easily go online to replenish your supplies.

4. Utrecht

Utrecht is another art supplies brand. The company was acquired by Blick back in 2013. But it still offers various painting and art supplies online. You can find specialty products for everything from printmaking to office supplies.

5. CheapJoes

If you’re looking for highly affordable art supplies, check out Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. The online shop offers various discounted supplies for painting, drawing, and other art projects. You can search by product type, brand, or price. And the company even offers art workshops and special promotions.

6. Jerry’s Artarama

Jerry’s Artarama is an online store that offers professional art supplies and materials from top brands in the industry. In addition to the option to search by brand or type of paint or tools, artists can build a color library and save favorite products to purchase over and over.

7. U.S. Art Supply

U.S. Art Supply is an online shop that carries a wide array of paints, paper, and other supplies for artists. You can shop for brands, categories, and bundles, or even join the brand’s rewards program to save on ongoing purchases.

8. Arteza

Arteza offers premium art supplies for a variety of projects, from watercolor paintings and drawings to crafts. You can browse best sellers, shop by category, or even get inspired by the brand’s online resources for artists.

9. Michael’s

Michael’s offers art and craft supplies both online and in stores. Painting is just one popular category at this chain, so you might not find quite as much variety in this niche as you would in some other shops. However, they do carry a variety of acrylics, oil paint, and painting surfaces alongside more supplies for crafting.

10. Walmart

Walmart is another major retailer that sells more than just art supplies. Though it’s not a specialized retailer, there are many benefits of shopping with Walmart, including access to a huge variety of products, low prices, and fast shipping.

11. Mister Art

Mister Art is an online art and craft supply shop with a huge array of professional products. You can browse or search and complete a one-time purchase. Or you can join as a member and get access to exclusive discounts and discover new art supplies right away.

12. ArtSuppliesOnline.com

ArtSuppliesOnline.com offers discounts on art supplies for those looking to buy in bulk. You can find everything from acrylics to colored pencils. They even carry tools and materials like canvas boards and brushes.

13. Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply is an employee-owned shop that sells various drawing and painting materials. You can browse each popular category, join the community, and even shop at local stores to stock your studio with high-quality materials.

14. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a peer-to-peer shopping experience that may include certain art supplies from nearby sellers. Buyers and sellers have to arrange sales themselves. So this is often reserved for those buying artist materials in bulk or anyone looking for larger tools like oversized canvases. But there are plenty of deals available and you only need a Facebook account to get started.

15. eBay

eBay is an online marketplace site. So sellers offer products directly to other consumers. This means the art materials offered may not be consistent. But you can find unique products, discounted options, and specialty products if you’re willing to search.

Types of Art Painting Supplies

Oil Paint

art painting supplies

Oil paint is renowned for its rich, buttery texture and luminous finish. It’s made by suspending pigment in oil, typically linseed oil. Oil paints take longer to dry than most other types, allowing for extended working time and the ability to blend colors seamlessly. This slow drying time also enables artists to work in layers, adding depth and complexity to their work. Oil paint is favored for its versatility and durability, making it a popular choice for traditional canvas paintings.

Acrylic Paint

art painting supplies

Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. It’s water-soluble but becomes water-resistant when dry. One of the most versatile paints, acrylic can mimic the qualities of oil or watercolor paints, depending on how it’s used. It’s known for its bright, vibrant colors and is used on a variety of surfaces including canvas, wood, and fabric. Acrylics are favored for their ease of use and clean-up, as well as their flexibility and resistance to cracking.

Watercolor Paint

art painting supplies

Watercolor paint is a water-based paint known for its transparency and fluidity. It consists of pigments suspended in a water-soluble binder, usually gum arabic. Watercolor paints are typically applied to paper and are valued for their ability to create delicate washes and subtle color gradients. Unlike oil or acrylic paints, watercolors can be reactivated with water even after they dry, allowing artists to blend and adjust their work. This medium is often used for landscapes, abstract paintings, and illustrations.

Gouache Paint

art painting supplies

Gouache is similar to watercolor but is more opaque due to the inclusion of a white pigment or chalk. This opaqueness allows for brighter, more vibrant colors and the ability to paint in layers, with the top layer completely obscuring what’s beneath. Gouache is often used for its matte finish and is a popular choice for illustrators and designers, as well as in mixed media works. It’s known for its quick drying time and versatility in creating both smooth and textured effects.

Tempera Paint

art painting supplies

Tempera, also known as egg tempera, is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of colored pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder medium, usually egg yolk. It’s known for its unique matte finish and has been a primary medium for religious and symbolic paintings throughout history. Tempera is often used on rigid surfaces like wood panels and is valued for its longevity and ability to retain bright colors over time.

Encaustic Paint

art painting supplies

Encaustic paint, made with beeswax, pigment, and a resin, is known for its rich texture and luminosity. It’s applied hot and then reheated to fuse each layer. This technique creates a distinctive surface that can be sculpted, textured, or polished to a high gloss. Encaustic paintings are valued for their depth and tactile qualities, as well as their durability and resistance to moisture.

Spray Paint

art painting supplies

Spray paint is a type of paint that comes in a pressurized container and is released in a fine spray mist when pressing a valve button. It’s known for its quick application and drying time, making it a popular choice for graffiti and street art. Spray paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including walls, metal, and wood, and is valued for its smooth, even coverage and ability to create gradients and layered effects.

Type of PaintCompositionDrying TimeKey CharacteristicsBest Suited For
Oil PaintPigment in oil (usually linseed oil)Slow- Rich, buttery texture.
- Luminous finish.
- Allows for blending and layering.
- Durable.
Traditional canvas paintings.
Acrylic PaintPigment in acrylic polymer emulsionFast- Water-soluble, becomes water-resistant when dry.
- Bright, vibrant colors.
- Versatile, resistant to cracking.
Various surfaces (canvas, wood, fabric).
Watercolor PaintPigment in water-soluble binder (gum arabic)Variable (quick)- Transparent, fluid.
- Delicate washes, subtle gradients.
- Can be reactivated with water.
Paper, typically for landscapes and illustrations.
Gouache PaintPigment, water-soluble binder, white pigment/chalkQuick- Opaque, matte finish.
- Vibrant colors, can paint in layers.
- Quick drying, versatile.
Illustration, design, mixed media.
Tempera PaintColored pigments, water-soluble binder (egg yolk)Fast- Matte finish.
- Used historically for religious/symbolic art.
- Longevity, bright colors.
Rigid surfaces like wood panels.
Encaustic PaintBeeswax, pigment, resinVariable- Rich texture, luminous.
- Applied hot, reheated to fuse layers.
- Depth, tactile qualities, durable.
Works requiring texture and depth.
Spray PaintPaint in a pressurized containerQuick- Fine spray mist application.
- Smooth, even coverage.
- Good for gradients, layered effects.
Graffiti, street art, various surfaces.

Round Brushes

art painting supplies

Round brushes have a round and pointed tip, ideal for detailed work and fine lines. They are versatile and can be used for both thin and thick lines, depending on the pressure applied. Round brushes are popular in watercolor painting but are also used in acrylics and oils for detailed areas and controlled washes.

Flat Brushes

art painting supplies

Flat brushes have a square end and are used for bold, sweeping strokes or for filling wide spaces. They can create both broad marks and thin lines (when using the edge). Flat brushes are great for blending and are commonly used in oil and acrylic painting.

Filbert Brushes

art painting supplies

Filbert brushes have a rounded, oval-shaped end, making them a blend of round and flat brushes. They are particularly good for blending and soft, rounded edges, ideal for painting petals, leaves, and other natural forms. Filberts are popular among oil and acrylic painters.

Fan Brushes

art painting supplies

Fan brushes have bristles shaped like a fan and are used for blending, smoothing, and feathering effects. They are excellent for creating textures like grass, hair, or fur. Fan brushes are commonly used in oil and acrylic painting for subtle blending and for adding texture.

Angle Brushes

art painting supplies

Angle brushes, also known as angled flat brushes, have an angled edge. They are versatile and can be used for detailed lines, curves, and corners. The angled shape makes them suitable for precise strokes and is particularly favored in acrylic and watercolor painting.

Mop Brushes

art painting supplies

Mop brushes are large, fluffy brushes used primarily in watercolor painting. They are excellent for laying down large areas of water or color, for wetting the surface, and for absorbing excess media. Mop brushes are valued for their soft, gentle application.

Palette Knives

art painting supplies

Palette knives aren’t just for mixing paint on the palette; they can also be used to apply paint to canvas. They create a range of effects, from smooth, flat paint layers to thick, impasto textures. Palette knives are popular in oil and acrylic painting for their ability to create expressive, dynamic strokes.


art painting supplies

Sponges are used to apply or remove paint, creating textured effects and interesting patterns. They can be used with a variety of media, including acrylics and watercolors. Sponges are versatile and can be cut or torn into different shapes for specific effects.

Rigger Brushes

art painting supplies

Rigger brushes, also known as liner brushes, have long, thin bristles and are used for fine lines and details. Originally designed for painting the rigging on ships in marine paintings, they are excellent for any work that requires fine, controlled lines, such as branches, hair, or small details in portraits.


art painting supplies

An airbrush is a tool that uses compressed air to spray paint, ink, or dye. It’s used for a wide range of effects, from smooth gradients to precise, detailed work. Airbrushes are popular in illustration, automotive painting, and for adding fine details in acrylic and oil painting.

Tool TypeDescriptionBest Suited ForKey Characteristics
Round BrushesRound and pointed tip.Watercolor, Acrylics, Oils- Ideal for detailed work and fine lines.
- Versatile for thin and thick lines.
- Good for controlled washes.
Flat BrushesSquare end.Oil and Acrylic Painting- Used for bold strokes and filling spaces.
- Creates broad marks and thin lines.
- Great for blending.
Filbert BrushesRounded, oval-shaped end.Oil and Acrylic Painting- Blend of round and flat brush qualities.
- Good for blending, soft edges.
- Ideal for natural forms.
Fan BrushesBristles shaped like a fan.Oil and Acrylic Painting- Used for blending, smoothing, feathering.
- Creates textures like grass, hair, fur.
- Subtle blending and texture addition.
Angle BrushesAngled edge.Acrylic and Watercolor Painting- Versatile for detailed lines, curves.
- Suitable for precise strokes.
- Good for edges and corners.
Mop BrushesLarge, fluffy brush.Watercolor Painting- Used for large areas of water/color.
- Soft, gentle application.
- Good for wetting surfaces, absorbing excess media.
Palette KnivesFlat and flexible blade.Oil and Acrylic Painting- Applies paint to canvas.
- Creates flat to impasto textures.
- Expressive, dynamic strokes.
SpongesPorous and absorbent.Acrylics, Watercolors- Applies/removes paint for texture.
- Versatile shapes/effects.
- Creates interesting patterns.
Rigger BrushesLong, thin bristles.Fine Lines in Various Paintings- Designed for fine, controlled lines.
- Good for details like branches, hair.
- Originally for marine painting.
AirbrushSpray tool using compressed air.Illustration, Automotive, Acrylic and Oil Painting- Sprays paint, ink, dye.
- Smooth gradients to detailed work.
- Popular in illustration and detailed painting.

Watercolor Paper

art painting supplies

Watercolor paper is specifically designed to be used with watercolor paints. It’s typically made from cotton, which gives it a high absorbency and allows it to withstand wet media without warping. Watercolor paper comes in different textures, such as hot-pressed (smooth), cold-pressed (semi-rough), and rough, each providing a different effect for the paint.


art painting supplies

Canvas is a heavy-duty fabric traditionally made from hemp, though today it’s more commonly made from cotton or linen. It’s the most popular surface for oil and acrylic painting. Canvases are usually stretched over a wooden frame. They can be purchased pre-primed or raw, and the texture of the canvas plays a significant role in the outcome of the artwork.

Canvas Board

art painting supplies

Canvas boards are canvas stretched over and glued to a rigid backing, often cardboard or wood. They are more affordable and easier to frame than stretched canvases. Canvas boards are suitable for oil and acrylic painting and are a good option for beginners or artists who need a more portable surface.

Acrylic Paper

art painting supplies

Acrylic paper is thick, heavy paper designed to withstand the weight and texture of acrylic paint. It’s an excellent alternative to canvas for artists who prefer paper or are looking for a more affordable option. Acrylic paper often has a texture similar to that of canvas, which helps in achieving similar painting effects.

Oil Paper

art painting supplies

Oil paper is a specially treated paper designed to handle the unique properties of oil paints. It’s an alternative to traditional canvases and is great for sketches, practice, or finished paintings. Oil paper allows for the application of oil paint without the need for priming, and it doesn’t wrinkle or warp like regular paper.

Wood Panels

art painting supplies

Wood panels are rigid, flat boards made from wood, often used as a painting surface for oil or acrylic paints. They provide a solid, smooth surface and are less susceptible to the warping that can occur with canvases. Wood panels are also favored for their durability and the support they offer for layered or heavy paint applications.

Gesso Board

art painting supplies

Gesso boards are rigid panels coated with gesso, a white paint mixture consisting of a binder mixed with chalk, gypsum, pigment, or any combination of these. They provide a smooth, absorbent surface that’s suitable for both acrylic and oil paints. Gesso boards are favored for their smooth texture and consistent finish.

Yupo Paper

art painting supplies

Yupo paper is a synthetic, waterproof paper made from polypropylene. It is extremely smooth and non-absorbent, making it an intriguing surface for watercolors and ink as it allows the paint to sit on the surface for interesting textures and effects. Yupo paper is known for its durability and the unique, vibrant artwork it can produce.


art painting supplies

Fabric, other than canvas, can also be used as a painting surface. Fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen can be painted on with acrylics, fabric paints, or dyes. Painting on fabric requires specific preparation and techniques, but it offers an exciting range of possibilities for wearable art or decorative pieces.

Surface TypeMaterialBest Suited ForKey Characteristics
Watercolor PaperCottonWatercolor Paints- High absorbency.
- Available in hot-pressed (smooth), cold-pressed (semi-rough), and rough textures.
- Resists warping with wet media.
CanvasHemp, Cotton, or LinenOil and Acrylic Paints- Heavy-duty fabric.
- Stretched over wooden frame.
- Available pre-primed or raw.
- Texture affects paint outcome.
Canvas BoardCanvas on Cardboard/WoodOil and Acrylic Paints- More affordable and portable than stretched canvas.
- Suitable for beginners.
- Easy to frame.
Acrylic PaperHeavy PaperAcrylic Paints- Thick and heavy to withstand acrylic paint.
- Texture similar to canvas.
- Affordable alternative to canvas.
Oil PaperSpecially Treated PaperOil Paints- Does not require priming.
- Resists wrinkling and warping.
- Ideal for sketches and practice.
Wood PanelsWoodOil and Acrylic Paints- Rigid, smooth surface.
- Less susceptible to warping.
- Durable, supports layered/heavy paint applications.
Gesso BoardGesso-Coated PanelAcrylic and Oil Paints- Smooth, absorbent surface.
- Consistent finish.
- Suitable for detailed work.
Yupo PaperPolypropylene (Synthetic)Watercolors and Ink- Smooth and non-absorbent.
- Waterproof.
- Creates vibrant, unique effects.
FabricSilk, Cotton, LinenAcrylics, Fabric Paints, Dyes- Offers range for wearable art/decorative pieces.
- Requires specific preparation.
- Versatile and unique.


art painting supplies

A palette is a flat surface on which an artist mixes their paints. Traditionally, palettes are made of wood, but they can also be made of plastic, glass, or ceramic. Some artists prefer a palette with a hole for the thumb, making it easier to hold while painting. The choice of palette material can affect the ease of mixing and cleaning up the paint.


art painting supplies

An easel is a stand used to hold the canvas, board, or paper upright while the artist is working. Easels come in various sizes and styles, from simple tabletop models to large, sturdy studio easels. The type of easel used can greatly affect the artist’s posture and comfort, as well as the angle and perspective of the painting.

Masking Tape

art painting supplies

Masking tape is used by painters to cover areas of the canvas or paper that they wish to keep paint-free. It’s especially useful for creating sharp, clean edges or protecting previously painted areas. Masking tape for artists is usually low-tack to prevent damage to the surface when removed.

Color Wheel

art painting supplies

A color wheel is a circular tool that helps artists understand and visualize color relationships. It shows primary, secondary, and tertiary colors and their relationships, such as complementary and analogous colors. Using a color wheel can aid in color selection and mixing, helping artists create more harmonious and balanced compositions.


art painting supplies

Varnish is used as a final coating over a finished painting to protect it from dust, UV rays, and other environmental factors. It can also enhance the appearance of the paint, giving it a glossy or matte finish. Varnishes are available for different types of paint, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

Mahl Stick

art painting supplies

A mahl stick is a long, thin rod with a padded end, used by painters to steady their hand while working on fine details. It helps to prevent smudging and allows for more precise brushwork. The mahl stick is held in one hand while the other applies the paint, keeping the artist’s hand from touching the wet surface.

Mediums and Additives

art painting supplies

Mediums and additives are substances mixed with paint to alter its properties. For example, oil mediums can increase the drying time, gloss, or transparency of oil paint, while acrylic mediums can be used to thicken or thin the paint, add texture, or extend working time. These additives provide artists with greater control over the paint’s behavior and finish.

Paint Scraper

art painting supplies

A paint scraper is a tool used to remove paint from the canvas or to create textural effects within the paint. It can be used for various techniques, including sgraffito, where the top layer of paint is scraped away to reveal the underlayer. Scrapers can be made from metal, plastic, or even credit cards.


art painting supplies

Rags are used for creating textures, dabbing, and manipulating paint on the canvas. They can be used for blotting, smoothing out brushstrokes, or creating specific textures. The type of fabric or sponge and its texture can create a wide range of visual effects.

Projector or Lightbox

art painting supplies

A projector or lightbox is used by some artists to transfer or trace designs onto their painting surface. A projector can enlarge a small image onto a canvas, while a lightbox illuminates drawings from beneath, making it easier to trace. These tools are especially useful for complex designs or when accuracy is crucial.

Painting ToolDescriptionKey Uses and Features
PaletteA flat surface for mixing paints.- Made from wood, plastic, glass, or ceramic.
- Can have a thumb hole.
- Affects paint mixing and cleaning.
EaselA stand to hold canvas, board, or paper.- Various sizes and styles.
- Affects artist's posture and painting angle.
- Ranges from tabletop to studio easels.
Masking TapeTape to cover areas on canvas or paper.- Used for creating sharp edges or protecting areas.
- Usually low-tack to prevent surface damage.
Color WheelA tool to visualize color relationships.- Shows primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
- Aids in color selection and mixing.
VarnishA coating for finished paintings.- Protects from dust, UV rays.
- Can enhance paint appearance.
- Different types for various paints.
Mahl StickA rod to steady the hand while painting.- Long, thin rod with a padded end.
- Prevents smudging and improves precision.
Mediums and AdditivesSubstances mixed with paint.- Alters properties of paint (e.g., drying time, texture).
- Different types for oil and acrylic paints.
Paint ScraperA tool to remove or manipulate paint.- Used for textural effects, like sgraffito.
- Made from metal, plastic, or other materials.
RagsUsed for texturing and manipulating paint.- Used for blotting, smoothing, creating textures.
- Different fabrics create various effects.
Projector/LightboxTools for transferring or tracing designs.- Projector enlarges images onto canvas.
- Lightbox illuminates for easy tracing.
- Useful for complex designs.

Places to Get Art Painting Supplies FAQs

Should My Business Buy Paint Supplies Online?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits to shopping online for paint and more supplies. Many brands offer a larger selection online, and you can often get free shipping if you buy products in bulk or spend over a certain amount. Some artists also prefer shopping in person to find their preferred products, then they set up accounts with online retailers to replenish their supplies.

What Supplies do Art Painters Need?

Each painter may require different materials depending on their style and the specific type of project they’re working on. However, most generally require their paint of choice (watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, etc.), brushes, and a canvas or other surface. Other supplies include varnish, paint palettes, rags, and water.

Will Buying the Finest Art Materials Benefit my Business?

Deciding whether to invest in the finest art supplies for your business involves weighing various factors. The quality of your materials can indeed have a significant impact on the final product and thus on client satisfaction. Here are some points to consider:

  • Impact on Artwork Quality:
    • High-quality materials often yield better results. Professional-grade paints, for instance, usually have a higher pigment concentration, offering richer colors and better coverage.
    • Finer brushes and tools can provide more precision and control, which can be crucial for detailed work.
  • Perception of Value:
    • Artwork created with high-quality materials is often perceived as more valuable by buyers.
    • Using professional supplies can enhance your reputation as a serious and committed artist.
  • Longevity of Artworks:
    • Premium art materials generally have better longevity. This means your artworks will age better, maintaining their color and integrity over time, a key selling point for buyers.
  • Skill Level and Current Goals:
    • If you’re new to art, starting with less expensive materials can be wise. It allows you to practice and experiment without the pressure of using costly supplies.
    • As your skills improve, gradually upgrading to better materials can be a strategic investment.
  • Cost vs. Benefit Analysis:
    • While higher quality often comes with a higher price tag, it’s important to assess the return on investment. Will the improvement in quality translate to higher sales or prices for your art?
    • Sometimes, mid-range supplies strike a good balance between quality and cost.
  • Specific Needs of Your Art Style:
    • Certain art styles or techniques might not require the highest grade of materials to achieve the desired effect.
    • Conversely, some techniques might specifically demand higher quality supplies for the best results.
  • Budget Considerations:
    • Balancing the cost of supplies with other business expenses is crucial. Over-investing in materials might strain your budget, especially if you’re just starting out.
    • Consider starting with a few high-quality essentials rather than a full range of premium supplies.
  • Feedback from Clients and Buyers:
    • Pay attention to feedback. If clients are happy with the quality of your work, it might not be necessary to invest in more expensive supplies immediately.
    • If there’s demand for higher-end art, then upgrading your materials could be justified.

Ultimately, while high-quality art supplies can enhance the appearance and longevity of your work, they represent just one factor in the success of your art business. Balancing quality with affordability and aligning your material choices with your artistic development and business goals is key.

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