What Question Would YOU Ask Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank?

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Barbara Corcoran, of the hit ABC TV Show, “Shark Tank,” is coming to a computer screen near you.  If you have a question you’d like to ask her, this is your chance.

In addition to being a “Shark” on the show, Barbara Corcoran is also an investor, businesswoman, speaker, author and syndicated columnist.

She’s a self-made success, too.  With a $1,000 loan from her then-boyfriend, she founded The Corcoran Group in 1973. Her story is inspiring because naysayers said she’d never make it.  Yet she did — and later sold her business in 2001 for a cool $66 million.

Since then, she’s also co-founded her own venture capital firm.

She’s got her finger on the pulse of what it takes to grow a business from an idea into something big.

And now Barbara Corcoran will be a guest on a webinar hosted by small business expert and radio show host, Barry Moltz.  He says she is a very generous person when it comes to advice and guidance.  “Barbara takes every opportunity to help small business owners,” Moltz said.

We wondered if it was hard to set up the webinar.  Not at all, said Moltz — if you know her and know how to reach her.

Said Moltz, “I was on ‘The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch’ show with her many years ago. She was smart and witty. I have interviewed her for my radio show and stayed in touch.”

The webinar is part of a series underwritten by Nextiva, a cloud-based business phone service provider.  “We are thrilled to help make this happen,” says Yaniv Masjedi, a Nextiva executive. “This webinar is important to us because we are committed to supporting businesses and helping them succeed. Hearing commentary from luminaries like Barry Moltz and ‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran can inspire all of us to take our businesses to the next level.”

And what’s Moltz’s “dying to know” question for Corcoran?  Moltz said his must-ask question for her is about the real estate industry. He plans to ask, “If someone was just starting out today, would you recommend they go into the real estate business or did 2008 change all of that?”  He also plans to ask Corcoran questions about how to bring your business to greatness with innovation, strategy and hiring.

And YOU can ask a question, too. The most thought-provoking questions will be presented to Corcoran by Moltz.

So what’s YOUR question for Barbara Corcoran?  Leave a comment below, or tweet your question using the hashtag: #AskBarbaraCorcoran. CLICK HERE to tweet your question.

And attend the webinar so you can hear her answer it.

How could you possibly miss this event?

Webinar Details

When: Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM EDT

Where: Online webinar

Who: Barbara Corcoran, Barry Moltz and Nextiva

Registration: Register here before it’s too late — get it straight from the “Shark’s” mouth!

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  1. I love Shark Tank and Barbara is a great entrepreneur. Here is my question:

    What entrepreneurial accomplishment has made you most proud?

  2. Aside from working to fix what’s not functioning well in your company, what’s the most important thing you can do to help your team through a period of low morale?

  3. I saw an episode of Shark Tank where you told the flavored baby wipes business women that you went out and worked a full time job while running your real estate company. Questions are
    1. What was your full time job?
    2. Because real estate is an on demand, no set schedule business, How did you make that happen?

  4. Here’s my question: How do you maintain your high energy level Barbara? You always seem raring to go.

  5. Hi Barbara, I would like to know what advice you have for efficient multitasking. How do you get it all done???