AT&T Partners with DFW Airport to Enhance Connectivity

at&t partners with dfw airport to enhance connectivity

AT&T has announced a partnership with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to provide a comprehensive wireless platform (CWP) that will improve connectivity and critical infrastructure at the airport. This move aims to support airport operations and offer reliable, high-capacity connectivity for both airlines and passengers.

Under the proposed agreement, AT&T will invest $10 million in upgrades to modernize and expand the network covering DFW Airport. The upgrades will enhance airport operations and improve the free public Wi-Fi available in the airport’s terminals. Additionally, AT&T plans to deploy a private 5G network for the airport’s internal use to accommodate the growing demand for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and support the digitization of airport operations.

Jason Inskeep, Assistant Vice President of the 5G Center of Excellence at AT&T, emphasized the importance of modernizing airport technology for the benefit of airlines, airport operations, and passengers. He stated, “Modernizing airport technology needs to focus on both improving the efficiency and convenience for airlines and airport operations and the overall travel experience for passengers, while ensuring the safety and security of all those who pass through its gates.” Inskeep added that AT&T is proud to work with DFW Airport and looks forward to continued collaboration in providing the best connectivity solutions for all.

The network upgrade project is set to begin this summer, with enhancements expected to be operational by fall. However, the project’s commencement is contingent upon the finalization of a contract between AT&T and DFW.

For small business owners, particularly those in the travel and tourism sectors, the improved connectivity at DFW Airport could lead to enhanced customer experiences and smoother operations. The deployment of a private 5G network may also open up new opportunities for businesses operating within the airport, as IoT applications and digitized operations become increasingly important in the aviation industry.

In summary, AT&T’s partnership with DFW Airport aims to bring a modernized and expanded wireless network that will benefit airport operations, airlines, and passengers alike. The investment in upgraded infrastructure and a private 5G network showcases the growing importance of connectivity and digital transformation in the aviation sector, with potential benefits extending to small businesses operating in the travel and tourism industries.

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