AT&T’s Dynamic Defense: Effective Cyber Threat Mitigation for Businesses

In the digital business world, staying ahead of cyber threats is a constant challenge for companies of all sizes. The partnership between AT&T and Omnicom illustrates how proactive solutions can not only anticipate but also neutralize potential threats before they escalate. This story highlights how Omnicom utilized AT&T’s Dynamic Defense to safeguard its operations effectively.

Omnicom’s proactive approach to cybersecurity led them to employ AT&T’s Dynamic Defense, a solution available with AT&T Dedicated Internet. This partnership turned out to be a crucial decision when a malicious actor targeted Omnicom. Dynamic Defense intercepted the threat, demonstrating its capability to protect businesses against emerging cyber threats.

Dynamic Defense operates as a digital shield within the AT&T network, providing an extra layer of protection. It is an integrated solution that blocks millions of threat events daily. For Omnicom, Dynamic Defense turned a potentially damaging situation into a showcase of robust cybersecurity measures.

To understand the impact of Dynamic Defense, consider the scale of AT&T’s network, which manages an average of 680 petabytes of data daily. This is equivalent to roughly 2.5 million mobile phones with 256 GB of storage each. This vast network allows AT&T to generate industry-leading threat intelligence, protecting both its infrastructure and its customers. The Dynamic Defense customer portal helps users analyze and intercept malicious traffic, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Omnicom’s experience with Dynamic Defense extended beyond threat mitigation. The solution seamlessly integrated into their existing communications framework, enhancing security without adding complexity. This collaboration underscores AT&T’s commitment to innovative, customer-centric solutions.

As Dynamic Defense is rolled out nationwide, AT&T is not just offering a product; they are providing peace of mind. This partnership with Omnicom is just the beginning. Dynamic Defense is already proving to be an indispensable tool in protecting various sectors, including major sports franchises, hospitals, and marketing firms.

The collaboration with Omnicom demonstrates the importance of readiness and the value of innovative cyber solutions. As AT&T continues to lead in growth, transformation, and innovation, Dynamic Defense is setting a new standard for cybersecurity.

Image: Depositphotos

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