Spotlight: Aulta Specializes in Watches for Surfers


If you have an active lifestyle, traditional fashion brands might not provide enough durability when it comes to clothing and accessories. But Aulta is different.

The company, which was founded by three friends who love to surf, makes watches for surfers and others who have active lifestyles. Read more about the company in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Makes and sells watches for people with active lifestyles.

Business Niche

Selling watches directly to consumers in the surf industry.

Co-founder Marty Pomphrey told Small Business Trends, “We believe that stylish, well-made watches shouldn’t break the bank. Which is why we chose a vertical model that allows us to offer watches built using the highest quality components, at the best possible price, direct to you.”

How the Business Got Started

After a day of surfing.

Pomphrey says, “Aulta came about very organically four years ago when Abe, Pancho, and I were in Hawaii feeling completely recharged after a day of surfing together. Each of us comes from a different background, but we were brought together by a shared love of the ocean. We had talked previously about building a company together but wanted a brand and product concept which tied directly back to our lifestyles, and Aulta was born out of that sunset conversation over beers.”

Spotlight: Aulta Specializes in Watches for Surfers

Biggest Win

Having a watch reviewed by Business Insider in July 2015.

Pomphrey explains, “We received over 3000 order requests and ran out of inventory in just a few hours. We were packing for days and knew that we had a business on our hands.”

Biggest Risk

Investing in the products.

Pomphrey says, “We design, develop and produce watches without any external input or preorders. Every factory order we bring in is 100% blind, so you better believe in the brand and product concept.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Inventory and marketing.

Spotlight: Aulta Specializes in Watches for Surfers

Decision Making Process


Pomphrey explains, “A lot of our biggest decisions were made in the water when surfing together. There is something about the disconnect from phones and computers that results in really good ideas.”

Favorite Quote

“A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway

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Images: Aulta; Top Image: Co-founders Pancho Sullivan, Abe Allouche and Marty Pomphrey, Second Image: Pomphrey, Allouche, Sullivan

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